Samsung's Galaxy S5 Won't Feature a Flexible Display Due to Production Issues



We've heard so much about the Galaxy S5 that anybody would think it's a highly-anticipated smartphone from one of the largest smartphone names around. Well, now we're hearing rumors that the Galaxy S5 will most definitely not feature a flexible display. This is hardly surprising but, a lot of die-hard Samsung fans will be pleased by the news. The Galaxy Round and LG G Flex burst onto the scene with little to no fanfare and left most of us scratching our heads thinking just what extra functionality – if any – these curved displays really offer us.


According to a new report from the Korea Herald the Galaxy S5 wouldn't be able to feature a flexible display even if their designers wanted it to, as Samsung's factories simply cannot keep up production. 8,000 5-inch flexible displays are said to be produced a month in Samsung's factories, which we all know is nowhere near enough for a flagship of Samsung's. Even if they could double, triple or quadruple that figure in the coming months, that still wouldn't be enough for an upcoming flagship like the Galaxy S5. However, those interested in flexible displays from Samsung might not have to wait for another illusive Galaxy Round to appear.

Similarly to this year's approach, Samsung is said to introduce a variant of the Galaxy S5 with a curved display. So, just as 2013 saw the Galaxy S4 Zoom and the Galaxy S4 Active, 2014 might see the arrival of a Galaxy S5 Round, or something similar. This approach would also make a lot more sense for Samsung, after all the Galaxy S line has been aimed at everyone, even despite their increasing screen sizes. The Galaxy Note line is aimed more towards those that want a more powerful and featured device so, using a flexible display in the Galaxy S5 could alienate casual users, something Samsung definitely doesn't want to do at this point. No matter what though, the Galaxy S5 and the rest of Samsung's portfolio is bound to be just as good – if not better – than it has been in previous years, we've just got to wait to see it.

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