Samsung's Galaxy S4 Zoom Just $0.01 for New AT&T Customers at Amazon


This year saw Samsung get a little brave with their Galaxy S4 branding, releasing numerous different variants of the device, with some of them being almost entirely different devices. One of those was the Galaxy S4 Zoom, which is essentially the result of a Galaxy S4 Mini colliding with a point-and-shoot camera from Samsung. Offering users a decent smartphone experience, while also allowing them to take pretty good photos with the 10x optical zoom lens and 16-megapixel sensor. While the Galaxy S4 Zoom is not the best looking of devices, compromises have to be made with such a device, to accommodate all that glass and to power the digital camera that's on the back of the device.

We reviewed the Galaxy S4 Zoom and while we wouldn't recommend it to everyone, for those that care more about taking photos on the go than anything else, this is a pretty great purchase. After all, the Samsung lens isn't a photographer's dream but, being able to take one device that does everything is a boon for a lot of people and certainly makes things a lot easier day-to-day. Amazon is running another offer right now, that sees the Galaxy S4 Zoom go for just $0.01 for new AT&T customers (it's only available on AT&T) as well as $49.99 for existing customers looking to upgrade their existing device.

It's not the greatest deal around this time of year but, the Galaxy S4 Zoom is a unique device and while Samsung could have tried a lot harder with this, there's a lot to love. For the shutterbugs out there that are fed up of hauling around a smartphone and a smartphone, the Galaxy S4 Zoom offers some respite. At $0.01 for a new line, it's a great Christmas present and could be the last thing you need to pick up this year. If that's the case, then hurry on over to Amazon before they run out of stock.

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