Samsung's "Comfort Zone" Patent Could Help Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 3 Easier to Use With One Hand

Patent Comfort Zone 4

It is no secret that smartphone displays are getting larger each year.  The phablets are certainly in style for many people, and possibly for a lot more, if the devices were not so large that you couldn’t operate them with just one hand.  Samsung has included software in their Galaxy Note 3 to “shift” the keyboard, calculator, etc., to one side of the phone to make it easier to navigate around its 5.7-inch display – and it works quite nicely for this niche device.  But what about Samsung’s most popular Galaxy S Series; after all, the Galaxy S4 was up to 5-inches, and while there is no reason to believe that the display will increase on the Galaxy S5, Samsung, may just have a solution for us in a patent they filed, uncovered by Galaxyclub.nl, filed at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), called the “Comfort Zone.”

This patent describes a feature that would allow the user to move and resize the on-screen interface to adjust to your own “comfort zone.”  It will not simply slide the display to one side, but actually adjusts what you are doing on the display to the best angle so that your thumb can access the menu options, etc.  You can see from the lower diagram, what Samsung defines as this “comfort zone.”  The upper diagrams show how the items on the screen are wider at the bottom and start to curve in as they get to the upper right of the screen, following that “comfort zone” sweep.

One picture even shows a keyboard that is on that angle so you can easily type with one hand, although I imagine it will take some practice before you would be comfortable one-handing a text.  There is also a video or music grouping of buttons on the same angle, making it easy to “pause, stop, and play.” In the lower right picture we can see the “target icon,” falling on the outer most portion of the “comfort zone,” making all of the buttons close enough for you thumb to press.

Patent Comfort Zone 4

Let us know in the comments or Google+ what you think about this solution to the larger smartphones…would you consider buying a larger device if such controls were available. We have no idea if or when this “comfort zone” with be used on an upcoming device, but we are comfortable enough to predict Samsung will use it, and being software driven, once perfected, could easily be download on the new Galaxy S5.