Samsung to Utilize "Diamond-like" Metal Surface Technology in Galaxy S5 and Other Flagships?

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 611


We’ve already heard some pretty crazy rumors about the Galaxy S5 and now, we’re hearing one more rumor to round things out. According to ETNewsSamsung’s R&D department have come up with a very fancy coating material for devices with metal casings. This “diamond metal surface treatment technology” wouldn’t make the device look anything like a gaudy Swarovski phone case and instead would be invisible to the naked eye. The Korean news outlets is suggesting that Samsung is creating synthetic diamond material by exposing carbon to high temperatures and pressures, just how synthetic diamonds are created. This all sounds very scientific and magical but, what would it mean for general users like us?

Well, such a coating would drastically reduce the amount of scratches your device would see, or at least that’s the theory, anyway. Such a material coating would make the device a lot more durable and scratch resistant. Right now, Samsung is apparently looking for a way to apply the coating to their devices using nanotechnology. These are just rumors and there’s absolutely no chance that the Galaxy S5 will feature such a technology but, it is nice to hear something like this coming from Samsung. Even if these are just whispers, it shows that Samsung is looking to create devices that are not only great on the inside but on the outside, as well.

So far, we’ve heard a lot concerning the build quality and build materials that the Galaxy S5 is going to feature. Certainly, one of the bigger “issues” for Samsung over the years has been their build quality. Nobody is complaining that their Galaxy S III or Note 3 fell apart after a few knocks but, I think we can all agree that Samsung needs to do better when creating great hardware experiences as well as software. We have no doubt that 2014 is going to be an exciting year for Samsung fans, especially as 2013 has been a steady year for them, with nothing too spectacular. What are you looking forward to from Samsung in 2014?