Samsung to Introduce Cheaper Galaxy Tab 3 Lite?

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The Samsung rumors just keep coming. With the big electronics trade shows coming up in January and February, it’s not surprising that we’re seeing so many rumors about next year’s devices. Aside from the rumored Galaxy S5, Samsung’s theme appears to be “Lite.”

Earlier this week, there was a rumor about a Galaxy Note 3 Lite that might be coming soon to various markets, and now we have a new rumor. According to SamMobile, a Galaxy Tab 3 Lite is also coming soon, supposedly in early 2014. Very little about the device is mentioned in the rumor, but we know Samsung will cut costs somewhere to make this Lite version cheaper.

The usual areas for cost cutting are screen, camera, and processor, all of which tend to be considerably less impressive on cheap devices. But depending on your needs, a low resolution camera or lackluster screen may not be an issue and the lower price will entice you anyway. That’s clearly what Samsung is hoping.

If the rumors are true, the device will only cost about 100 Euros ($136 US). It will be available in both WiFi and 3G options (no mention of LTE) and will come in a “cream-white” color with a black model being released later. There is no word on exact price for the different models or what countries we can expect to see the device launched in. The lack of LTE may mean this device never reaches the US, or perhaps that only the WiFi model will.

Tablets are an extremely hot market right now, as anyone who does holiday shopping has probably noticed. It seems that every store (including some grocery stores!) is selling a cheap Android tablet by a manufacturer you’ve never heard of. The iPad still holds the most mind share in the tablet scene, but it’s quite expensive at $500 for the base model. All of these knock off Android devices are hoping to draw customers with price alone. So if a big brand like Samsung, who already has massive name presence in electronics, can enter the cheap tablet market, they will likely have a hit on their hands.

Keep an eye out for more rumors about the Galaxy Tab 3 Lite and other devices as we get closer to CES and MWC in the next few months.