Samsung Snags Former Apple Store Designer, Could we See Some Samsung Stores that look like Apple Stores Soon?

samsung store

We've been hearing quite a bit lately, that Samsung is looking to create their own retail stores. In fact, so is Google, which has their pop up shops for the holiday season. Now we didn't know how long it would take before we'd see some Samsung stores, instead of just a corner of Best Buy being dedicated to Samsung. But it appears that may happen soon. As Samsung has just gone ahead and picked up Apple's former store designer. The Former Apple Store Designer we're referring to is Tim Gudgel who is now a member of Samsung, according to The Information. The company is reportedly considering a "deeper investment in US retail". Which is probably because they see how many people head to Apple stores on launch days.

At this time, Samsung is taking a different approach to retail than Apple does. Instead of having their own dedicated stores (although they do have a couple around the world), Samsung has pop-up areas in shopping malls and dedicated areas in Best Buy locations. However this hiring signals a possible change in that strategy. As most of you know, Samsung has plenty of retail products to fill up an entire store. I mean they have more products than Apple does. Including appliances.

According to The Information, Gudgel is the second former Apple retail exec that has been snagged by Samsung. Samsung grabbed Michael Forrest earlier this year, where he's been working on a plan to merge the Galaxy Brand along with a retail experience. Which I'd have to say is a pretty smart move, as almost everyone knows Samsung's products by the name Galaxy. In fact, ask just about anyone with a Samsung phone what phone they have, I can bet you they'll say "the Galaxy". All the marketing money Samsung has put behind the Galaxy line should help them build a retail experience. Maybe the Galaxy Store? Doesn't really roll of the tongue, but it's a good idea, right?

So a Samsung retail store, how many of you would head there to pick up a new Samsung phone or tablet, or another product from Sammy?