Samsung Set and Met High Sales Targets Throughout 2013

It's always good to aim for the stars, try to get as close as you can, and if you go beyond then good for you. Samsung has had some pretty star worthy goals for 2013 for the sales of their Galaxy S 4 and tablets as well.

The goals that Samsung planned to reach were 100 million Galaxy S 4 units, and 40 million tablets, of any kind. According to an inside source of a Korean news page, Samsung let it slip that they have reached their goal for 40 million tablets. The breakdown of sales by quarter bring you exactly to 40 million. In Q1 there was 9.1 million, Q2 8.4 million, Q3 10.5 million, and Q4 there is 12 million. These seem to be rounded numbers, making it to a clean and even 40 million units sold, so we will still have to wait until the official reports come out.

Tablets are on the up, and in 2014 we will be seeing plenty of new tablets from Samsung, but the sales in 2013 had a little help. Holiday sales with tablets included in the purchase of a smart phone were most likely the biggest help to the stars for Samsung. Not to mention other periodic sales throughout the year. In 2014 though, Samsung has been rumored to release practically a full line of tablets in the first quarter. So goals for 2014 are bound to break the 40 million dollar mark made by 2013. The story for Galaxy S4 devices may come out to be different.

No official report has come out yet about the sales met in 2013, so we don't have information on the Galaxy S4 sales as of yet. The inside source seemed to only want to provide tablet sales numbers. Samsung officials are keeping quiet about all of their numbers as of now, saying only, "We don't know yet, but we'll check."

Now that we are so close to the end of the year, lets throw some ideas out there. Where do you think Samsung will land in the sale of these units for 2013, and what should the goals be for 2014?

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