Samsung Rumored to Launch 'Black Edition' Galaxy S4 and S4 Mini

Galaxy S4 Colors

Samsung has never been one to shy away from multiple variants of their flagship devices. Ever since the original Galaxy S, there have been various colors, options, sizes, and carrier customized models available all over the world. Lately, Samsung has settled into a groove very similar to Apple, where the current flagship is sold alongside last year’s model which is marked down in price. So even today, you can buy the Galaxy S4 and S3 at most US carrier stores, with the S3 being vastly cheaper.

So with rumors of the Galaxy S5 coming early next year, it’s no surprise that Samsung is also prepping a slight refresh of the Galaxy S4. If their track record continues, the S4 will continue to be sold throughout 2014 as the cheaper option.

According to a new rumor from SamMobile, a “Black Edition” Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 Mini are coming in February. The S4 is currently available in a wide range of colors, most of which are limited to specific carriers or countries. And while a black S4 is currently available, it’s more of a dark gray and not truly black. It’s likely that this rumored “black edition” will be true, deep black, which will look pretty striking next to the AMOLED display on the S4, which can also get deeply black.

There’s no word on which carriers or countries we can expect to see the black edition S4 or S4 Mini available in. The rumor does mention that the black edition S4 Mini will come in both single and dual-SIM options. Dual-SIM phones are very popular in Asia and parts of Europe, but the fact that it’s rumored to also arrive in a single-SIM option could mean it’s destined for the US, we just don’t know when or what carrier might offer it.

Remember that Mobile World Congress is in February and rumors are already suggesting that the Galaxy S5 will be announced either at the show, or at a separate Samsung event in February. That would also be a great time to show off the black edition S4 and S4 Mini, don’t you think?

If the Galaxy S4 or S4 Mini were available in true black, would you be interested?