Samsung to Produce AMOLED Displays for New 8 and 10-inch Tablets


Samsung is no stranger to the world of devices, and they tend to release at least one new device each and every month of every year, and sometimes more.  Last year Samsung produced dozens of Android devices alone between tablets and phones, and this year hasn't been any different.  So is it a surprise to see that they are working on a new line of 8 and 10-inch tablets to bring to the market sometime in early 2014?  Sure it isn't, but what's refreshing is that these new tablets are going to be using the good old Samsung Super AMOLED screens that they have become famous for instead of the LCDs that they've been using lately.  Opinions of AMOLED vs LCD are about as strong as the Plasma vs LCD arguments in TVs are, so this may be a mixed bag for you, but it looks like Samsung might just prefer that AMOLED look for their higher-end products over LCD.



We found from Sam Mobile that Korean news outlet Naver is reporting that the A2 factory in the South Chungcheong Province will be producing these new panels, and will mark the first AMOLED panels produced for Samsung tablets in quite some time.  There's no word on exactly which tablets these will be put on, since the report is simply about the fact that Samsung is now making AMOLED panels for tablets, but we can probably take a guess at what needs a refresh.  The Galaxy Note 8.0 came out in late winter/early spring this year, and given that these panels are being produced in early 2014 it's likely the the 8-inch panel will be put on that device.  As for the 10-inch display, that one is probably anybody's guess.

Samsung just released the Galaxy Note 10.1, and it looks like they'll be releasing a 12.2-inch Galaxy Note tablet soon.  On top of that they just refreshed their Galaxy Tab lineup not too long ago, and it looks like they'll be releasing a Galaxy Tab 3 Lite soon, which definitely won't be featuring the more premium AMOLED display.  Will it be a more premium Tab 3 10-inch?  One can only hope they deliver better products than the Tab 3's were.  Personally I prefer the look and feel of AMOLED, but being a Plasma guy as well it makes sense.  I like my black levels and both AMOLED and Plasma deliver those considerably better than an LCD could ever hope to, but maybe you prefer something else?  Let us know what and why!

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