Samsung Patent Suits May Have Breached Antitrust Laws; May Cost Samsung More To Settle


When it comes to patent suits, Samsung just can't catch a break these days. The most recent patent suits filed by Samsung against rival smartphone maker Apple, may have been in breach of antitrust laws, and while Samsung has been trying very hard to settle this case, it may end up having to offer more concessions to do so. Settling is certainly in Samsung's best interest, since the alternative is a fine that could reach upwards of $18 billion.

Joaquin Almunia who is the vice president of the European Commission for Competition Policy doesn't think Samsung is necessarily doing enough, and pending the decisions made in talks that will take place in the upcoming weeks over the suit, Samsung may have to improve their concessions.

The concessions which Samsung has offered up include not seeking to take competitors to court over patent disputes for a 5 year period, and discuss licensing fees with rivals during the course of a 1 year period, while letting the courts come to a decision on the issue if both parties can't agree on a settlement. Apparently rivals are all but happy with Samsung's offers to settle and want more.


Suits are happening in more than 10 different countries right now between Apple and Samsung. Both companies seek to gain and/or keep control of the smartphone market, but all these patent disputes end up doing is stifling innovation on both sides. So far no details have been given on what "market tests" have been done to see how well these solutions would work, but more information from the EU Commission for Competition Policy should pop up sometime after the first of the year. Samsung may have hurt itself more than it helped with this patent suit against apple, but time will tell.

What do you guys think about this latest bit of information regarding the battles going on between both companies? Do you think that its helping to secure the innovation of both sides or making it worse? Hit us up in the comments on the G+ post.

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