Samsung May Introduce Health Tracking Galaxy Band At MWC 2014

Samsung is attempting to expand on its product library of wearable technology, as it may plan to introduce the follow up to their Galaxy Gear Smartwatch called the Galaxy Band, at this years Mobile World Congress in February. This device is going to particularly target health nuts and fitness buffs, which isn't really bad move from Samsung considering how popular fitness trackers and fitness companion apps have become. The unexpected popularity of the Galaxy Gear, which has on it a pedometer and some other installable fitness related apps itself, is proof that people are willing to embrace wearable tech from Samsung that can interface and interact with their smartphones.

According to korean news site DDaily, The Galaxy Band is tentative name but may not end up being the final name of the product come release time. Its rumored to house a list of different smart tracking sensors that one can already find inside smartphones, such as a motion sensors for movement tracking, humidity sensors for possibly tracking temperature, and pressure sensors. Such tech is a move to integrate fitness tracking even further into the daily lives of its users but with an easier interaction.If you thought this would give you an easy way out of having to bring your smartphone with you while you exercise, you might want to think again as the Galaxy Band uses Bluetooth to connect, which means your phone will still need to be on your person so that it can track things that need data like GPS or heart rate. While your phone will still need to be with you, the Galaxy Band does serve a great purpose, allowing you to keep your phone in an accompanied bag or in your pocket the entire time, as anything you'll most likely need while you're on a run or bike ride(or whatever you do to train and stay fit) will be accessible from the Galaxy Band itself. Short of music of course, which you may still want to setup a playlist for if you take music with you in these types of situations. Among all that the Galaxy Band should provide, Samsung also looks to possibly bring voice controls to the device, allowing a host of other possible uses for it. While this is a still a rumored device to be unveiled at the upcoming MWC, its exciting to think about. What do you guys think about the Galaxy Band? Is it more useful for some of you than the Galaxy Gear? Let us know what you think in the comments on our G+ post.

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