Samsung Galaxy S 4 Is The Most Popular Android Phone At Carriers


The latest Canaccord Genuity Study shows that the Samsung Galaxy S 4 is the most popular Android Smartphone at the four biggest carriers in the US. That shouldn't shock anyone as Samsung has had a stranglehold on the top choice for most consumers when it comes to Android for a while. It isn't the most popular smartphone overall, but it's a win for Samsung in the Android category.
This is what Canaacord had to say regarding the matter of their latest study.

"Our surveys indicated continued strong sales of the iPhone 5s, as it was by far the top selling smartphone at all four tier-1 U.S. carriers and at most channels where the smartphone launched globally," Canaccord Genuity analyst T. Michael Walkley explained in a note to clients. "Our surveys also indicated steady iPhone 5c sales with the smartphone's color options and more affordable price point proving popular with its intended audience." 



As you can see Apple took the crown for most popular smartphone which also shouldn't surprise anyone as it usually comes down to Samsung or Apple.

As Samsung holds their place at #2 across T-mobile, Verizon, and At&t, Apple also claims the #3 spot with the 5c as well as #1 with the 5s. Consumers are consistently choosing Samsung or Apple over other device manufacturers like Sony, HTC or Motorola. These figures count for sales over the last four months, and even though Samsung wasn't able to outdo Apple here, the good thing for them is that they have been consistently popular with consumers. As we draw closer to the first of the new year, new quarterly reports and studies will start to track sales and perhaps we'll see a shift in the top smartphone sold in the US. The rivalry between Samsung and Apple has been smoldering since the release of the Original Galaxy S, with each company trying to either one up each other or slap one another with patent lawsuits. Perhaps the showing of Apple's dominance this time around will cause Samsung to see they're not invincible and push them to launch something truly Amazing.