Samsung Could Announce Two New Chips At CES Including The Exynos 6 And Exynos S

Samsung has some big plans for consumers in the future, the least of which are their upcoming chips. News of a big announcement that is to come from Samsung at the upcoming CES show in the first part of January was posted to their official Samsung Exynos Twitter account, and brought to our attention by gforgames. These two new chips will reportedly be the Exynos 6 (which is rumored to be the chip used in the Galaxy S 5)and the Exynos S chips, both of which will be working off of 64-Bit architecture. While the Exynos 6 will be built off of ARM 64 bit, and will be a true octa-core chip, the Exynos S will run on Samsungs own 64-Bit architecture, although there was no mention of how many cores it would have, just that it will be 1.43 times faster than the Snapdragon 800 processor coming from Qualcomm. It's also worth noting that there was absolutely no mention of which version of the Snapdragon 800 it was.

There have been little details about both chips besides their architecture and speed comparisons, but we do know that whatever Samsung has planned for their announcement will be big. We also know that the Exynos 6 will be enabled as a true octa-core due to HMP(Heterogeneous Multiprocessing), which has also been speculated that it would potentially be enabled on the Exynos 5410 and 5420 processors. If this were the case than both the Exynos 5410 and 5420 processors could be enabled to become true octa-core chips as well. However, due to hardware and software limitations, the Exynos 5410(found in the Samsung Galaxy S 4) can't be updated using HMP and will therefore remain using one set of four cores at a time. If you use a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 though, chances are good you might see a software update for the Exynos 5420 inside your device as software is its only limitation in regards to using all 8 cores at once. Perhaps this will be the actual announcement that we hear from Samsung at CES, or perhaps it will be alongside the announcements of both the new rumored processors. Only a couple more weeks till we learn more. What do you guys think about Samsung and their new chips? Lets us know what you think in the comments.

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