Rumor: Samsung Potentially Releasing Multiple Devices In The Beginning Of 2014;Samsung Galaxy S5 Among Them

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Good news for Samsung fans, according to Korean news site etnews, Samsung is going to have up to five phones ready for release in the first quarter of 2014. Among those numbers is supposedly the new flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S 5.

This wouldn’t be the first we’ve heard of the Samsung Galaxy S 5 being released earlier than usual as the rumors state it could possibly show up in January or February of 2014, compared to the normal April/May roll out that we’ve seen for previous versions of the flagship smartphone. If this is true, then there is going to be a large group of happy consumers that have been waiting or are eager to get their hands on the next device in Samsung’s flagship line up. There are plenty of rumors surrounding the Galaxy S 5, including that it may have a metal body. Could Samsung finally have decided to ditch the plastic body we’ve seen on every other Galaxy S model?

We could also see a potential release of the Galaxy Grand Lite, and Galaxy Note 3 Lite, both of which are going to have large displays which should come as no surprise considering the line of phones they’re part of. Both phones when released will come at a somewhat lower price than their counterparts, which could entice some consumers to buy. Along with a lower price point though most likely comes lower end specs, the question that remains unanswered is how much lower end?

Speaking of low end, lower end users are not forgotten here, as it seems that Samsung might also be planning to launch a couple lower end phones as well, which means they’re trying pretty hard to cover every type of customer. Offering a range of different devices with different levels of specs is a smart idea especially when each release happens in such close succession. Keep in mind that these are all rumors just like the specs of the Galaxy S 5 that have been floating around, but Samsung has been know to push out multiple devices pretty quickly if the number of devices they currently offer is any indication. As we draw closer to the end of 2013, hopefully we’ll end up getting some more clear information regarding details for the Galaxy S 5 among other devices.