Rumor: Meizu Might Be Offering Two Versions Of Their Upcoming MX4 Including One With A 1536×2560 Display

meizu mx4 rumours

Meizu’s upcoming MX4 smartphone might be coming in two different model versions. One with a 1080p screen and one that actually sports a 1536×2560 pixel display. Hows that for resolution? The CEO of Chinese company MEIZU Jack Wong has been discussing its upcoming plans for the device on the MEIZU forums, and openly talked about a rumored “pro” version of the MX4. The MX4 will allegedly be coming with the higher res 1536×2560 display, which is to be aimed at higher end smartphone markets, but will also come in a model that will target the mid-range level as well, and comes sporting a 1080×1920 display.

As for display sizes, the “pro” version of the MX4 is supposedly coming with a 5.5 (or possibly a 5.4)inch screen according to GizChina, while the regular MX4 will come in a solid 5 inch size. Both devices are said to be supporting 4G LTE, so if both models get released and come to the US, you won’t have to give up the LTE feature no matter which option you choose. MEIZU had previously announced last week that it would start selling its smartphones here in the U.S. after the start of 2014, so we could actually see both of these phones come state side. The regular MX4 is rumored to be shipping with an octa-core processor made by mediatek, but there is still no word from MEIZU on what the potential MX4 pro will have in the processor department.

Although it is quite exciting to see that MEIZU could be the first to release a smartphone that has a 1536X2560 pixel display, there is still no word on whether or not this is one of the phones that they’re planning to bring over to the US, so before we get our hopes up about this already awesome sounding device, it might be best to wait for MEIZU to officially announce the phone and where it will be offered. CES is just around the corner, and MWC isn’t too far off either so perhaps we’ll hear something about these possible two MX4 phones at one of those shows. Rest assured we’ll let our readers know once MEIZU has something to say on the matter.