OPPO Teases That Find 7 is "Coming Soon" Complete With Snapdragon 805

Oppo 7 Coming Soon

China manufacturer, OPPO, has been making waves in the news – just a couple of days ago, we find the OPPO N1 was finally made available in the U.S. for $599, and quite the beast it was.  With 5.9-inch Full HD display, 2GB RAM, Snapdragon 600 Quad-Core processor clocked at 1.7GHz, and a 3610mAh battery, it was ready to compete with all but the finest smartphones.  What really set it apart, however, was its 16MP rotating camera – the first with 6 lenses, followed up with a CMOS type sensor, a 1/3.06 imaging module, and a wide, f/2.0 aperture, for great low-light shooting and a dual flash to deliver just the right amount of light.

Oppo Camera
OPPO N1 Rotating Camera

The next OPPO smartphone, the Find 7, has been in the rumor mills for a while now, with specs leaked and an arrival day in early 2014 and as a tease, OPPO went to the Weibo page and not only acknowledge its existence, but also that it would be “Coming Soon.” The OPPO N1 is a very good device, however, the OPPO Find 7 is a true flagship of a smartphone and should easily compete with anything that Samsung, LG, HTC, or Motorola can throw at us in 2014.

The OPPO Find 7 should be sporting a 5.7-inch display with a whopping 2560 x 1440 resolution, which means almost twice the pixels of the current 1080p displays.  The processor is rumored to be the newest Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 Quad-Core, with 3GB of RAM, 13MP camera on the back and a 5MP FFC (Front Facing Camera) for great selfies or video chatting.  There are also rumors of a 4000mAh battery, and considering that the OPPO N1 has a 3610mAh battery, could certainly be true.  The OPPO Find 7 will also be OPPO’s first 4G LTE model device.

It would be great to see the U.S. carriers picking up this model – OPPO is known for their fantastic build quality, with n aluminum frame and a ceramic-like body, not to mention the camera quality. You couple that with the specs and a 4000mAh battery and OPPO could have a real winner on their hands…the price will be high, but certainly inline with the high-end Samsung models.

Let us know in the comments or on Google+ what you think of the new OPPO line of smartphones – they sound like a well-made, high spec device, but are they good enough to make you switch manufacturers.