Nokia To Finally Test the Android Waters With The "Normandy"


For a long time people have adored Nokia phones. Particularly for their hardware. Case in point, Nokia has stellar hardware. The one thing that people have been asking for since Nokia had a sort of rebirth with Windows phone, is an Android powered handset. The marriage of Android and Nokia could be a beautiful one if it would just get to fruition, although it never really seemed too realistic given Microsoft’s plans to buyout the company’s handset sector. It seems that all our hopes are not lost though as @evleaks has come across an image of what seems to be Nokia’s first Android powered handset and tweeted the image in late November. The first Nokia handset to run Android will be called the Normandy.

Although Nokia is apparently working on their own Android based phone, rumors are saying that it is to be a “forked” version of the Android operating system not unlike that of what Amazon has done with the Kindle. According to The Verge, The Normandy will be a low-end phone that targets emerging markets to give them access to more customary smartphone apps. If this is true, than even the fact that this is a phone made by Nokia and it does in fact run the Android OS, makes it seem like its nothing of note.

If you are wondering about whether or not you should pay more close attention to this particular device, it would seemingly be more of a waste of your time. The only people that should and probably will be interested in this device are people that want something that is technically a smartphone but does not have all the bells and whistles yet carries the Nokia brand name. One particular group of people that are more than likely not interested in this phone is Microsoft. Although Nokia still technically has control of their handset business, it is only expected to take Microsoft the next few months to take over and if the Phone isn’t released by then, there’s no reason to suggest that Microsoft would want to push out a device that runs an operating system different than the one it develops itself. There is of course the hope that Nokia will one day produce a true Android powered handset unmodified and representative of its capable hardware quality if their device codenamed “Normandy” is any indication.