Next Facebook Home Updated Teased in New Video – Ability to change Wallpaper and More


Facebook Home was announced earlier this year, where Facebook had a pretty big event at their headquarters. They launched the HTC First along with AT&T. Which would be the first phone with Facebook Home pre-installed. Well that was a big flop for HTC, AT&T and Facebook. Mostly because Facebook put Home on many other devices at launch too. Which was not what they had told HTC they were going to do.

Back in the October update to Facebook Home, we saw support added for many other social services, and they have just dropped a teaser for their next update. The teaser is pretty short, just over a minute long. The update has not arrived in the Play Store just yet, but I’d expect it to be there in the next few days. According to the video Facebook put out, the update should bring a bit more control over what you are seeing. One of the more important parts here is that those using Facebook Home will gain some control over the images that they see when they turn on their phone. It used to be that when you turn on your phone, some of your friends pictures would show up on your display. And those could be nice pictures or some inappropriate ones.

Facebook Home is also going to allow you to change the wallpaper. At the bottom of the screen there will be the date and time as well as the names of your friends who have recently posted. There you’ll be able to swipe to the right to see those posts. After you jump into a post, you can go ahead and press and hold to zoom out and double tap to like. There’s also another gesture involved in this update, which if you swipe down, you’ll jump back to the very familiar Android homescreen setup.

You can take a look at the video below and let us know what you think in the comments. It’s got some nice changes, but I’m not sure I’ll be using it anytime soon. However, I don’t think my device is compatible anyways.