New Samsung Galaxy S V Concept Looks Like HTC One Relative

Most of us are Android fanboys, dedicated to the fight between Android and Apple. Though we are winning that battle, we end up looking for other things to band behind, mainly, device manufacturers. We follow our favorite brands and fight for them, since the fight against Apple is just about over. Samsung vs. well everyone really, HTC versus the same, and against each other as well. Why are we talking about this? Well Popular HTC concept artist Hasan Kaymak, has come up with a concept for the Samsung Galaxy S V, and it looks familiar.

Next year is going to be an exciting year, as it usually is, for smart phone fans everywhere. We all are anticipating the arrival of the flagship devices, so we can start throwing money at them as soon as they tell us we can. Until then we thrive on rumors, leaks and concept art to keep us going. Concept art is taking the good and the leaks into consideration and creating a mockup of what we may see, or even just having some fun with it and creating what we want. After all, no matter who you fan boy behind, we are all part of the Android family, and should be having fun. That said, Kaymak has brought us plenty of concept devices with HTC branding, so it may be safe to assume, his passion lays with HTC. Possibly "bleeding green" as we have seen tossed around out there on the webs, but all artists love to expand. According to Kaymak's Google+ page for the concept, he was asked by a friend to design a Samsung Galaxy S V.

The pictures below show that he was definitely sticking close to HTC, more specifically the HTC One. The biggest similarity, would be the dual front facing speakers, right out of the HTC One handbook. The concept also shows an all metal body, much like the HTC One, as well as placement and look of the front facing camera and sensors. The concept art also shows an edge to edge screen and a curved back. Kaymak didn't stop with just the design of the physical device, he has added a few ideas to TouchWiz, Samsung's UI.

The biggest change he has come up with, is that the notification bar on the lock screen has turned into a notification picture, in a way. There is a picture of the user in the top right hand corner, and underneath that picture is where the notifications will pop up. Android Kit-Kat of course is there and voice commands support is present as well.

Now, we return you to the battlefield between HTC and Samsung, and ask, though this is simply concept art, not a leak or official announcement whatsoever, what is your opinion? How would people react to a Samsung device, flagship device, that is so close to being a HTC One device? How would you react? let's keep it clean though folks.

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