Netflix App Update finally adds Profile Support, Improved Search

netflix android

Netflix added a new feature called Profiles to their service earlier this year, where users who shared the same Netflix account could still have individual queues and suggestions. Netflix would let you switch profiles easily, and even enabled marking individual profiles as being used by kids under 12, to help suggest just kids’ content. Up until now, the ability to switch profiles has only been available on the web and on iOS devices.

Today, however, that changes as the Netflix app has an update waiting for you in the Play Store that finally adds profile support. You still can’t manage or create profiles from the app, but if you’ve already set up your profiles from the web, they’ll be accessible in the new app update. If you haven’t made profiles before, go to Netflix on the web and sign in. Then look for the button in the top right with your name. Click on it, then click “manage profiles.”

To switch profiles, in the new app, tap the Netflix icon in the top left which will bring out the sliding menu. Your name should appear at the top with a tiny button that looks like two arrows to switch profiles:

Screenshot arrow

Tapping that icon brings you to the “Who’s Watching” page, which will let you select which of your profiles you want to use:

Netflix Profiles Screenshot

So now, if you share your account with family members, roommates, or young children, you can make sure queues and suggestions stay separate. If you give the tablet to a child, for example, you won’t sit down to watch a movie yourself later only to find your queue littered with cartoons.

Note that it’s not possible to lock a specific profile and prevent switching, so don’t trust this to be a parental control or to keep your kids from accidentally finding the horror section, because if they know what they’re doing (and kids usually do), they’ll be able to switch back to your profile themselves.

There are also a number of devices that still don’t support profiles, like Roku players. So if you’ve got one of these devices in the house, sadly, it can still only use the primary queue. But if you have a Netflix account that you share with family or roommates, this will make passing the tablet around a whole lot easier.\

The update is live in the Play Store right now, so go get it!