Motorola Shows Us via a Patent Application, How they Could Make Smartwatches with Flexible Displays

motorola flexible display device patent

Motorola has been doing some interesting things this year. Both the Moto X and Moto G caught many of us by surprise. And in a recent interview, Motorola’s CEO Dennis Woodside did say they were working on some wearables, but would not say what they were. We’re guessing a smartwatch first, since that’s what everyone is supposedly working on right now. Motorola recently filed for patents on wrist-worn gadgets as well as flexible displays. However, on Thursday, a new patent application hit the USPTO, which basically shows us what happens when Motorola merges those two technologies into one.

The patent application has revealed what looks like a concept for a Smartwatch, or something like a smartwatch. Where basically the screen and shell can flex together. Which is a pretty big deal. Like the metal watch band, the chassis would be made of links, and grips on each link would be the display. It’s actually a pretty simple idea, but I wouldn’t expect a product made from this idea anytime soon. As it takes time to developer these types of things, as well as time to test them and make sure they are perfect before sending them out.

Keep in mind that Motorola will also need flexible circuits before any bendy wearables can even pop up on their roadmap. So I wouldn’t expect to see them within the next year. Although we may see some wearables next year from Motorola and many other companies. I don’t see a flexible display on a wearable coming from Motorola anytime soon. But it’s a pretty cool idea, I just hope they can make a smartwatch more usable than many of the others that are on the market right now. How many of you would be interested in a wearable from Motorola? Maybe it could have some form of Touchless Control and Active Display? How cool would that be.