Motorola Rolling out Moto X Camera Update through the Play Store


Here's one of the reasons why I'm loving Motorola and the Moto X right now. Motorola has put most of their apps in the Play Store. That includes the camera, Touchless Control, Active Display and many others. You may remember that big camera update that they pushed out earlier this year. Remember how long it took to hit all the carriers? Well now they are pushing out another camera update that will hit all their variants within a few hours.

Today's update to the Moto X Camera brings a few fixes and new features. Here's the changelog:


– Manual control of focus and exposure
– Locked exposure during Panorama capture
– Enabled additional language support
– Bug fixes

Now we all know the Moto X Camera isn't the best camera out there, but man it's received some big updates since the device launched. Which is great. Especially now that we don't need an OTA to get the camera updated or fixed. That's even better. Since Motorola has about 10 or more different variants of the Moto X out there, it's great that camera updates can come out much quicker via the Play Store. Remember that the Moto X is available in North America as well as Latin America, and there's a good 6-7 different variants here in the US. So great to see this happening.

I haven't yet gotten the update on my Moto X. But I will be sure to share thoughts about it later on once I receive it. So you'll want to check back here, since I'll just update this post, with possible screenshots and such. You can grab the update from the Play Store. We don't have an APK just yet. So if you do get the APK, feel free to send it in so we can share it.


How many of you are enjoying the new Moto X Camera update? Let us know in the comments below.