Motorola Releases Motorola Contextual Services into the Play Store For Motorola Owners

December 18, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Motorola has really made some big moves this year. They’ve released a good number of their apps into the Play Store, so they can update it through Google Play instead of an OTA. It started out with Touchless Control, and a couple others in there. Now we’ve got the Camera, Active Display, and many others in there. Today, Motorola pushed Motorola Contextual Services into the Play Store. It’s not really a new app, but rather framework. Think of it as Google Play Services, but for a couple of Motorola apps on Motorola devices.

The Motorola Contextual Services is said to help keep your Motorola apps updated using the Google Play Store. This component provides core functionality to features such as drive, meeting and sleeping detection for apps like Motorola Assist and Motorola’s Touchless Control. They also warn you that Touchless Control and Motorola Assist may not work if you uninstall the Motorola Contextual Services.

So it appears that this app is framework to allow Motorola to update Touchless Control and Assist even deeper, without needing to release an OTA. That’s a big deal. Especially since they are still pushing out the KitKat OTA, and it’s been nearly a month since they started. Now they can just push out an update through the Play Store and everyone should have it within days or less. Not to mention, skipping the Carriers. This is definitely a good idea, and I’m anxious to see more OEMs do this.

So this isn’t really an app that’s going to make you happy per say, in fact you won’t even see it in the app drawer, but it’s definitely a good sign for Motorola and whatever they have planned for the future. Who’s anxious to see what Motorola will do next? Let us know in the comments below.