Lumus DK-40 Glasses to Make Debut at CES 2014

When a company reveals a pair of smart glasses - like Lumus is doing with its latest invention, the DK-40 - that product will undoubtedly be compared to Google Glass. After all, Google Glass is probably the biggest name in wearable tech at the moment (though we imagine the folks at Pebble might take issue with that statement), so it naturally follows that anything similar will be compared to Glass from the very start. For the Android-based DK-40, this might actually be a favorable comparison, as these tech specs have some features that are absolutely worth paying attention to.

Lumus has taken its experience developing wearable tech for the military and has seemingly applied it to the DK-40. Instead of using a display block like Google Glass, the DK-40 uses the entire right lens as a screen that displays in 640x480 resolution. This has some very interesting implications for the AR crowd, as it means that developers can create apps that essentially provide an overlay to what a user is seeing in the real world. The glasses come equipped with a motion sensor, and the right lens boasts a 25-degree field of view. To round things out, an OMAP processor powers the entire kit.

According to Android Community, the Lumus DK-40 is set to debut at CES 2014 next month, though the future of the technology isn't entirely clear at the moment. Instead of going after consumers directly, it seems that Lumus is more interested in licensing the technology it's developed to other OEMs. This means that we could potentially see a bunch of wearable technology devices that all work off the foundation Lumus has developed. Perhaps with Lumus' tech in the hands of other OEMs, we could see a real answer to Google Glass? It's far too early to tell, of course, but for the moment we're just having fun imagining people walking around with all different kinds of tech specs planted firmly on their heads.

That future is probably still a while off, but with a ton of companies eager to get into the wearable tech scene, it may come quickly enough. For now, though, we're left waiting for more details on the Lumus DK-40, as exact technical specifications along with pricing information are noticeably absent at this point in time. However, with Lumus set to show off the DK-40 at CES 2014, we'll hopefully be getting the information we crave sooner rather than later.

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