LG Predicts That By 2018 40% of Devices Will Feature Flexible Displays


LG has more confidence in the flexible display's future when it comes to smartphones. They have even predicted that by the year 2018, 40% of the smart phone devices being used, will have flexible displays.

The man behind this prediction was Dr. Ramchan Woo, who is LG's head of mobile product planning. Dr.Woo gave reason behind the companies first flexible display smart phone, the LG G Flex. Dr. Woo simply said, "We got bored of flat." This does make sense from an artistic point of view. Companies such as LG and Samsung are constantly searching for ways to separate themselves from the pack. The future of curved smartphones isn't where Dr.Woo wanted to stop, letting on to a bigger reason why we would want to buy curved devices.


The end game seems to be a fully flexible device. We will see devices in stages before we see sci-fi movie tech become a reality. We saw as Samsung and LG took the first step with slightly flexible devices such as the aforementioned G Flex, and the Samsung Galaxy Round. These devices have a little flexibility to them, but weren't too flexible. The LG device could actually bend to be completely flat, and keep its shape afterwards.

According to Dr. Woo, the problems in creating these devices are bigger than we may know. "We had to change our manufacturing facility, because it's not just the display, it's the batteries etc…its difficult." Since they had to make these changes to their facilities, we imagine it will be easier to pump out curved devices in the future. Even take further steps to create the end game. Though before we see a foldable device, the other issue will be the battery.



The battery in the LG G Flex, uses a "Stack and Folding" design, which makes for more room, for more power, and flexibility. The problem is, it can't yet be completely bendable. Hopefully a fix for that will be around the corner though, because 2018 is right around the corner. People will need to see more of a reason to buy the devices in big numbers. The current, "feels better" reasoning isn't quite cutting it, not to mention the limited global release of the devices limits the growth.

Currently LG has only launched the G Flex in Korea, though there have been rumors of the G Flex popping up on in the US in near future. SlashGear reports that Hong Kong and Singapore are first in line though. If you have seen the G Flex or even the Samsung Galaxy Round, do you think you will be in that 40% or is this flexibility just a gimmick you want to fade away? Let us know on Google Plus or down below.

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