Korean Researcher Speculates the Arrival of True Flexible and Bendable Displays Next Year


It seems that the next revolution in the mobile technology space would involve bendable and truly flexible displays. We have recently reported that Apple has acquired a patent which enables it to build bendable Sapphire displays for mobile devices – be it smartphones, smart watches or music accessories like the iPod range. The current year was also witness to the launch of flexible displays on two mobile devices the Samsung Galaxy Round and the innovative and self-healing LG G Flex – both devices were launched by Korean manufacturing majors Samsung and LG respectively. Visit here for a comparison of the G Flex with the Galaxy Round.

In other news from Korea, a Korean chemistry researcher – Ms. Kim Yun-hi has stated that truly bendable displays could be available on devices as early as next year. Ms. Yun-hi is the lead researcher and Chemistry professor at the Gyeongsang National University (one of South Korea's 10 Flagship National Universities) and has stated to the Korea Herald that she expects devices with displays that can be folded and rolled up would be available to the mass market by next year. She also stated that Google's wearable device – Google Glass – as well as Samsung's Galaxy Gear Smartwatch could feature bendable displays in their upcoming iterations.



Ms. Yun-hi bases her assumptions on the fact that she and her team of researchers have developed organic polymers which could potentially overcome the defects and problems associated with todays' flexible glass devices. She says that "the flexible displays [available now] do not deserve their name since they were just stretched by force into a curved shape." She says that the organic polymers designed by her team are better at pliability and stability than current technologies and also feature "a record-high level of charge-carrying mobility," which could lead to better and cheaper flexible displays for the mass market.

Reportedly, Ms. Kim Yun-hi has received calls from undisclosed tech firms who wish to utilize her creations in OLED displays. Though the Korean researcher sounds positive, we would be a little conservative and speculate that bendable displays would come out sometime in 2014, but most probably during the latter half. Since this is mere speculation on our part, don't take our word for it.


However, who wouldn't want a bendable Smartwatch, which is just a strip of flexible glass?

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