Know My App Helps Consumers Watch For Apps With Heavy Data Usage

Data usage can be a frustrating thing these days, especially if you have a limited amount and want to keep from acquiring huge sums of usage fees or running into unbearably slow internet load times due to throttling. The biggest problem for consumers who have issues with data usage on their mobile devices is the lack of knowledge on how much data is actually being consumed. A big contributing factor to this is simply not knowing what apps use what amount of data, being misinformed or just flat out not paying attention. A new CTIA run website titled "Know My App" aims to help consumers combat this problem, and be more aware of applications that can chew through your data.

Know My App mentions that you should pay close attention to apps that offer services like streaming media(Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora, Spotify, Google Play Music, etc.) and suggests that you only use these applications while on wifi or at least trying to avoid using them if no wifi connections are available. The reasoning for this is because they eat through data like it's nothing due to constant streams of high quality content like movies or TV shows. You can monitor your usage of data via your carriers web portal after you login to your account, but using the carrier website to track your usage isn't as effective as just keeping a close eye on which apps you use while you're connected to your network. Although this type of a recommendation can vary depending on how long you are using data hungry apps, and you have to consider if you're someone that even has to worry about this sort of thing at all. For example, you can stream and use your data to your hearts content if you carry a truly unlimited data plan. Not all customers are though, in fact plenty of them aren't.

Know My App is primarily aimed at consumers who aren't on these types of plans and have to watch their data consumption every month. The site can also be helpful for those who always seem to go over their data no matter what they do. If this sounds like you, the Know My App site might be just what the doctor ordered to help you keep your data usage under wraps. Check out all the information that Know My App has to offer if you think it could be beneficial. Even if you have a data plan that has no foreseeable limits, you can still use Know My App if you'e interested in knowing which apps use high amounts of data.

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