The KitKat Update for the LG G2 In Korea Was Actually A Soak Test

December 31, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

About a week ago, in fact it was on Christmas Eve here in the US, LG began pushing out Android 4.4 to the LG G2. But as we’re learning from Phone Arena today, that was actually a soak test type thing and only hit about 5% of G2 owners. Unlike normal soak tests, which Motorola does quite often. The consumers were unaware that they were participating. Typically, the OEM would ask for participants who are willing to report directly to the manufacturer with any issues they have with the update. Once the manufacturer thinks that the new firmware is good enough, they will push it out to more people. With LG being in Korea, there was no opt-in or report-back type policies in place.

LG has said they are pleased with their efforts, though many users report battery drain issues and browser troubles. As most of you know, for a smartphone these are two pretty important issues. However, LG seems to be pretty content with the update and that there are no actual bugs with the update, so they’re said to be releasing it to all Korean G2 owners next week.

That makes us wonder when we’ll see a wider release. Hopefully we’ll see it in the US within the next month or so. But it’s still hard to say since we have the carriers involved in these variants. So it’ll probably be longer than the rest of the world. Hopefully we’ll see the KitKat update hit the G2 rather soon in the US. As LG doesn’t have a real good past with updates. I’d love to see LG work on that reputation and make it better.

We all love the G2 here at Android Headlines. In fact, it was one of my favorite phones of the year. But we also love KitKat. So hopefully we’ll have both very soon.