Judge Ruling: HTC One Successor Out by February 2014

Ah yes, the next big thing.  It's something we always seem to be chasing after in the tech world, isn't it?  We've seen many launches in the past few weeks and months, including behemoths like the Galaxy Note 3, Nexus 5 and the LG G2 to name a few.  Then there's been a resurgence for some devices like the Moto X, which went on sale yesterday and took down Motorola's Motomaker for an entire day because of demand.  HTC seems to be the only manufacturer without a big flagship device this fall since the HTC One Max seems to have completely flopped; at least that's what HTC's November revenues tell us anyway.  Once on top of the charts, HTC has fallen to the bottom of the Android OEM pile, and it's really unfortunate given just how amazing the HTC One was when it came out in March of this year.  But the One might have been just what the doctor ordered in terms of mind-share for HTC, or at least that's what the Taiwanese manufacturer is hoping anyway.  We're finding out from BBC News that Justice Richard Arnold of the England and Wales High Court has filed a ruling stating that HTC could be releasing the true successor to the One as early as this coming February; just 11 months after the HTC One launched.

The statement made above says that HTC should be launching a successor to the flagship HTC One soon, and that the February 2014 date has not been contradicted by HTC.  This statement was made simply because the issue on the docket is about components that HTC used in the One that infringe on some of Nokia's patents, and that the successor would feature none of these chips.  If you want to read more about that, check out our coverage right here.  To sum up the claim, Nokia was going after HTC for including a specific type of modulator which is used by the One to transmit data over the airwaves.  This chip is actually manufactured by Qualcomm, and was used as part of the defense of HTC in the rulings.  It's unknown whether or not this means that HTC has dropped Qualcomm in favor of another vendor or not, but it's not likely.  We've seen plenty of rumors pointing to HTC using the Snapdragon 800 in its new flagship phone, which is the same Qualcomm-manufactured chip used in all of the flagship Android phones that came out this Fall.  Unfortunately this ruling didn't include any more details on the chips used in the One successor, in fact it was specifically said that the ""The features of the chips selected by HTC [for the new phone] are unknown to HTC," which means the HTC representatives in the court don't know what powers the new device either.  Thankfully though we now know the release date for the Two, or whatever HTC wants to call it, is just around the corner.

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