Information Leaks Concerning Sales of the New HTC One 2

HTC One 2 Conceptual Pictures

More and more information keeps leaking out about the followup to the acclaimed HTC One's successor, the HTC One 2 (or HTC M8). We have heard, from a judge no less, that it could be out as early as February 2014, which would be about the right time period for HTC to launch their new flagship – we expect it to be announced at MWC 2014 in Barcelona. Next, we were treated to a conceptual video of the new HTC One 2, listing some of its specs and features…still only a conceptual video, it stays pretty true to the original HTC One, and why not, as the HTC One was critically acclaimed in both its design and material usage of aluminum.

Some things rumored about the HTC One 2 is that it will carrier an SD card slot this time around and include a fingerprint scanner on the front HTC emblem, rather than on the back, like the HTC One max.  The TechRadar video also claims a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 clocked at 2.3GHz will be running the show, with 3GB of RAM, powered by a 4,000mAh battery.  Internal storage will be 16, 32, or 64GB – not sure why they even would bother with a 16GB model, but with the added microSD card, it does not really matter.  The camera will still use the UltraPixel concept, but HTC is bumping it from 4MP to 10MP which may help squelch some of the static of criticism that HTC One's camera received.  Rounding out the video's claim, we have it running Android 4.4 KitKat, which should come as no surprise, as well as running the new Sense 6.0.

HTC One 2 back

HTC One 2 Conceptional Pictures

After the dust settles on exactly what the new HTC One 2 specs will be, a more important problem faces HTC, according to analysis Wilson Miao, with the market research firm TrendForce in Taipei.  He tells Forbes, he does not believe that the design improvements will be enough to grab market shares from Samsung or Apple…which is HTC's ultimate goal.  There is just not that much more you can squeeze into a new smartphone, and that is the problem facing HTC – how to differentiate their device from Samsung and Apple, to lure buyers back to HTC.

HTC does 35-percent of its business in China, mainly from mid-range models, but if it can deal with its largest carrier, China Mobile, with 760 million subscribers, then sales of HTC's new smartphone could add up fast.  While most manufacturers have sold China mid-range models, there is a large segment that can afford to purchase the high-end phones and analyst claim they are already buying Apple's iPhone.  With the U.S. market becoming saturated, and emerging nations lacking China's buying power, C.K. Lu, Gartner's smartphone analyst in Taipei, claims "In terms of market share, China is going to be important to them (HTC)…They need to understand what the consumer wants and alter their portfolio to meet those needs."

So HTC has a lot riding on the new HTC One 2 – it must convince a saturated U.S. market that the HTC One 2 is not only a worthy competitor to Samsung and Apple's offering, but also that it somehow offers more, while at the same time, also enter the China market if it is really going to stop its global share from sliding any more and to help it gain ground.


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