Humble Bundle 8 Brings New Awesome Games To PC And Android For One Low Price

you know the drill. Humble Bundle rounds up some of today's best indie titles and throws them all in a bundle pack for one small price. As per usual, some of the games are included for whatever the amount is that you decide to pay, but by paying the average minimum amount at current, you unlock whatever special games are part of the bundle as well, along with the music tracks to those games.

This newest bundle from Humble Bundle is not limited to either Android or PC, but is available for both platforms. Sorry iOS owners, no bundle access this time around either. However the bundle is available for Linux and Mac in addition to PC and Android. If you mosey on over to the Humble Bundle website, you'll find yourself acquainted with four awesome games, and two unlockables. The games that you can obtain by putting down ANY amount you wish to purchase the Bundle are:

Little Inferno which is a Sandbox Puzzler with a witty charm and casual play style

Gemini Rue which is a Science-Fiction Adventure game full of mystery and deception

AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome is an action game where you assume the role of a base jumper, and you must make your way to the bottom of your jump. There are over 120 levels of jumps, with tons of ways to gain bonuses like flipping off the crowd.

Jack Lumber which is a casual game where you have to cut your way through each level by using Jack's trusty magical axe to split apart the logs that stand in your way.

If you pay the current minimum average of $3.96, you'll also unlock Robot Entertainment's Hero Academy, and the one of the best games of the year, Anomaly 2 by 11 Bit Studios. Even if you already own the two unlockable games(guilty!) than you can still choose to pay whatever you want for the normal four. Keep in mind though that just about every Humble Bundle usually has games added to it after the first week or so that it's released, which you can only obtain by paying the minimum average. Taking that into consideration, you may just want to bite the bullet and pay the average while it's low, as it will most certainly end up at a minimum average of around $6 like always. Check out the video below to see all the games in the bundle, then head on over to the main site to grab it. Happy gaming!

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