HP Potentially Launching Phablets For Emerging Markets

When you hear HP, the first thing that comes to mind is anything but smartphones. According to The Information though, HP is planning on releasing numerous 6 and 7 inch phablet devices, that are going to be targeted towards emerging markets. This might come as a surprise to some, but this isn't the first we've heard from HP about a possible re-entry into the smartphone market. Hewlett Packard mentioned that they were interested in releasing new smartphones over a year ago. They haven't offered a product to customers since they acquired Palm, and released their Web OS based Tablet and smartphones a couple years back, but that isn't stopping HP. Since these are going to be aimed at emerging markets, there's no telling what kinds of specs and features we're to expect from the major computer manufacturer, but price wise its said that HP is planning on offering these smartphones at around the $200-$250 mark.

HP continues to produce computers and software, and they had mentioned wanting to start producing smartphones and tablets again but they didn't give a specific timetable as to when they had plans to do so. CES and MWC are both coming up in the next couple months (CES in January and MWC in February), so is it possible that we could see HP unveil something at either of these shows? HP did mention earlier this year that it was researching ways that it could integrate itself back into the smartphone market, so maybe they have been working on something but have just been keeping word of everything close to home.

HP definitely has the potential to release something amazing, and were certainly excited to find out what they have in store. It is unconfirmed what type of operating system these new smartphones are going to run, whether it be a revamped version of Web OS or even Android. If HP decides to go the Android route, we could see these devices come pre-installed with Android 4.4 Kit Kat, given that 4.4 is setup to run on lower end phones, which is an attempt by Google to combat the issue of fragmentation and issues regarding so many different OS versions. Although there are no specific details from HP so far, we'll be sure to update you as soon as more news pops up surrounding HP's plans. Would anyone be interested in an HP device if it was competitively priced and contained competitive specs? Hit us up in the comments on our G+ post.

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