Google's Mystery Barge Gets Put on Pause Again, Courtesy of Coast Guard and BCDC


San Francisco has plenty of sights to see, The Golden Gate Bridge, the new Bay Bridge with the shiny new lights the whole nine. Google has joined the team of sights to be seen with the construction of the floating, party/showroom/store/laboratory/whatever your imagination can come up with at this point really. However, some are not so excited about what the inside holds, in fact, the Coast Guard has told Google to halt construction and change their vision.

Joining the complainers clan with the Coast Guard is the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission, or BCDC for short. Just to be fair, the BCDC has been doing nothing but complaining about the barge since it first appeared. Putting wrench after wrench into Google's plan to actually complete the barge. So this is just another road block on the way to the end of the mystery for us as to what exactly the barge is.

The BCDC's Director of Regulatory Affairs, Brad McCrea told CNET after meeting with Google regarding the barge, "We have learned that the barge is still under construction, albeit in a hiatus, and likely will not be completed until late spring 2014. In addition, Google is still exploring options for how to use the barge when it is completed."

The part we should be worried about, is this floating...whatever it is, was thought at one point to be a Google Glass showroom. If this barge is supposed to be some elaborate gigantic launching platform for Google Glass, might this hold of the release? Most likely not, but we so badly want to know what is inside. If the Coast Guard is telling Google to change it, we could only imagine what the original plans were, at least the design aspects.

If the statement by McCrea is true, and Google doesn't even know what the barge is going to be, than lets help them out. So far the barge has been called a party yacht for press, a Google Glass showroom, a floating data center, and possibly an IR5 development site. Well that last one is mine but would be cool.

So what do you think the floating barge by Google will end up being, and why do you think it needed to be changed, again?

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