Google’s Global Takeover; Android Makes It Possible

December 14, 2013 - Written By Justin Diaz


China isn’t the final frontier for large companies who are looking to take advantage of a booming population, but it certainly is a treasure trove of business for huge tech firms. International relations with the Chinese government have proven quite difficult for said firms like Google, who have an eager plan to take over the globe and cover the world with their services. It hasn’t been easy for Google, as they have had a fairly tough time keeping their services in play within China, and just last year three of their major services were blocked. Actions like these have made it hard for Google to thrive in China like their used to elsewhere, but thanks to Android and its rapid growing popularity, Chinese consumers have kept the search giant from being completely shut out.

According to The Information, the Android operating system has allowed Google to stay afloat within China’s walls even with the blocks that were previously in place. Smaller Chinese smartphone manufacturers that offer waves of low cost Android handsets are tailoring to consumers, because they know the potential that Android offers. Google has literally been able to make massive strides in profit in China due to companies like Xiaomi who are making these low cost Android handsets that are selling like hotcakes, and they haven’t had to invest much else.

Within the next couple years, Google says that when it comes to Android users and their operation of Google services like web search and Gmail, the US will fall behind mainland China in numbers. Perhaps this is why Google has fought so hard to keep offering services there, because they see the growth and boom of China’s economy. 100 million Chinese Android users is a staggering number. That’s how many Google expects to be handling smartphone devices that run on the Android operating system by sometime next year.

Google will have their work cut out for them in the coming years, because they’re not the only company looking to make some headway in the Chinese cellphone market. Apple has made some pushes themselves and are preparing to launch the iphone on China’s largest carrier, which means there will be plenty of competition between Google and Apple down the road. Who will come out on top?