Google's Androidify App Finally Updated with New Outfits Just in Time for Christmas


The Androidify app was released back in 2011 and enjoyed a brief moment of fame as everyone created little Android robot versions of themselves, their friends, pets, etc. It was a fun little app for a while, but it mostly faded into obscurity as most people forgot about it. It’s still semi-popular with young children and you can still find the Androids created from the app used as people’s avatars across the web.

Well, it seems that Google (and Larva Labs, who worked with Google to develop the app) haven’t entirely forgotten about it, as the app just received a nice update with an improved interface and new holiday outfits. The main app is still the same, with sliders across the left and bottom for selecting different ways to personalize your Android, from body color to hair, to clothes and accessories. You can also drag different parts of the robot to resize arms, legs, body, head, etc. If you spend enough time carefully customizing, you can easily create something really unique.

The new holiday outfits include some classic “ugly” Christmas sweaters and accessories like Christmas lights and candles. There are some pretty funny items hiding in there, so be sure to look around. Not everything has been updated, however, as the app still has “Happy New Year 2012” glasses and a Google I/O 2011 shirt, which could be nice items for you oddballs out there.

Sadly, the update didn’t totally revamp the interface, as the app still uses a legacy, Gingerbread style menu button. The menu hides the Share, Save, and randomize options, as well as a few others. So once you create a masterpiece, you’ll have to hit Menu, then Share, where it uses Android’s standard share box to let you send your creation to any sharing app you have installed. It would have been nice to see the Android 4.1 action bar and guidelines used here but, it’s still a fun app.

If you haven’t tried Androidify in a while, this might be a good time to give it another look. And if you have small children, let them give this app a try. Who knows, they might create a funny ‘Droid of yourself to pick your day up.