Google Play Music Officially Comes To Google Glass

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It was only a few weeks ago since we discovered that Google Glass could run the unmodified version of Google Play Music and present a native Glass user interface. Unfortunately installing this application required a user to obtain an APK file and install this via command line using the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) tool. Although the process is not overly complicated, it is not something that the average user normally wants to deal with.

Google has finally added Google Play Music to the official MyGlass Application Catalog therefore eliminating the need to manually install the APK file. The MyGlass webpage turns this into a one-click install that pushes the required files to Glass over the air. No cables or command line knowledge is needed.

If you sideloaded the APK file for Google Play Music in the past, it must be removed before using the MyGlass version. The process is simple but it will require you to use the ADB tools once last time.

Step 1) Activate Debug Mode (Select the “Settings” card, select “Device Info”, Tap Once and scroll to “Debug Mode”)

Step 2) Connect Glass to Your Computer and Launch a Terminal or Command Prompt

Step 3) Type ” adb uninstall com.google.android.music ” followed by the Enter Key

Step 4) Disconnect Glass and install Google Play Music from the MyGlass Homepage.

Once installed, you simply need to say “Ok Glass Listen To” followed by a song, band or playlist. The audio quality will vary depending on if you are using the bone conduction headset or one of Google’s Mono or Stereo Headsets.

With Google Play Music installed you can listen to any music track that you have stored on your Google Play Music account or if you opt for the $9.99 monthly fee, you can take advantage of Google Play all access. Hopefully this is a sign that Google is nor holding back on this months Glass update (XE12).

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