Google Glass Store Access Bug Fixed, Explorers Can Now Buy Another Glass


Google had earlier acknowledged that a bug with the Google Glass Accessory Store was preventing some Explorers from entering. As per Google, the bug affected only those "Explorers who [had] purchased Google Glass over the phone", but certain Explorers who had pre-booked the device during Google's I/O Conference in June 2012, also suffered from the bug.

Google has sent out emails to Explorers mentioning that the bug has been quashed and that they can now freely access the Google Glass Accessory Store. The email is reproduced below. Google had previously restricted ownership to one Glass per Explorer and sharing or reselling of the device was also forbidden. Via the email, Google has also given the option to purchase a second Glass for either yourself or a friend. This will be welcome news, as most Explorers had been requesting for the chance to purchase a second Glass.



Google's Glass is a futuristic device, which aims to pry your eyes away from your smartphone, without cutting out on the convenience and information. Google glass has made a huge wave, and practically pioneered the race in wearable technology, when it was announced in 2012. Google Glass made its debut in Google's annual conference, Google I/O 2012 in June and the Explorer Edition was available for a pricey $1500. The Explorer Edition is a prototype of what would be the Consumer Product, and as such still has quite a few wrinkles to be ironed out.  Though the name of the device insinuates that it is a combination of smartphone tech with spectacles, and though the form factor does look similar, Google Glass is much more than that. The innovative heads up display comes with a tiny 640 x 360 resolution clear display, along with a camera and microphone for snapping pictures, recording videos and using voice commands to send texts, find directions and use Google Search for just about anything. Glass is also capable of automatic translations – just look at a word in a foreign language and get it translated.

Another addition to the Glass Accessory Store is the new stereo ear-buds, though they do come with a hefty price tag of $85. Visit our take on the Glass Store accessories here.


Are you an Explorer? Do shout it out to us in the comments below if you're availing the second Google Glass.

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