Google Glass Starts Swap-Out Program For Current Explorers

Google Glass Unboxing 1

If you are a Google Glass Explorer, you may want to check your email for a Swap Out Notice from the Google Glass Team. As we reported a few weeks ago, Google will be performing a one-time swap out of your Google Glass to the latest hardware release. The Google Glass E-mail contains a small survey that should peak your interest.

Although swapping your hardware is optional, Google strongly advises that all current Glass Explorers complete the Survey in order to indicate if they wish to swap or keep their current Glass unit. I have just completed the survey and the process takes less then 3 minutes. Interestingly, Google seems to be extending this offer to those who had their glass purchased gifted by another explorer however this will require a phone call to the Glass team.


Google has confirmed that the differences between the current version of Glass and the upgrade are minimal. Both pairs will still be branded as “Explorer Editions”. From my research, there seems to be a minor CPU upgrade and a few physical changes to the physical frame. The Google Glass team states that all of the accessories to be sold by the Glass Store will likely only support the upgraded mode, this includes the shades.

If you opt to perform the upgrade, the Survey will reserve your spot in line. It is safe to assume that Google will be performing the upgrades in small batches. Once your turn comes up, Google will ship you a return box and require you to ship your Glass and all of the accessories back before shipping the replacement. Google states that the replacement will arrive three days later.

One question that many of the current explorers are asking is what will happen to their old Glass units. Current explorers have done some amazing things with their Glass such as traveling, getting married with Glass and even gave birth wearing Glass. Google advises that they will be doing something special with the old units to honor their legacy however they refuse to say what will be done yet.