Google Glass Prescription Lenses to Arrive Soon

Google's Glass is being prepped for a public release, which is being evidenced by the accelerated hardware rollout and the push which Google is giving for a more open development platform. Google has always pushed the point that Google Glass would bring in support for prescription lenses and it appears that Rochester Opticals is the only one who wants to aid Google in this effort.

The latest information we have is that the guys at Rochester Opticals have sent out questionnaires to existing users of Google Glass who want to upgrade to prescription lenses. The questions asked begin with where the Glass would be used - "where will you dazzle and amaze the public wearing your Google Glass with prescription lenses" is asked with in the office, at home, while I'm Driving, and Outdoors/Athletics on the list as answers, with an "other" category with fill in the blank available too.

The questionnaire also tips the users on the color options available, which include colors such as Shale, Tangerine, Charcoal, Cotton, Sky, Green, Yellow, Pink, Purple and an inevitable Other where you can specify the color option you would like to have. The lenses themselves are being offered in the customary glass as well as for active users other lens options are available - which include Basic Plastic (CR39), Impact Resistant (Trivex) and High Index (Thin & Light). Rochester Opticals also suggests tint, UV coating, Mirror coating, Photochomic lenses like Transition, Polarized lenses for outdoor use, and Anti-reflective coating.

Apart from lenses, Rochester Opticals is also stating to provide options for the frames themselves. As quoted in the questionnaire - "We will be adding new frame shapes to our collection of prescription lenses for Google Glass, and we welcome your suggestions! Are you a Cat Eye frame shape kind of person? Or perhaps you're more into geek-chic style frame shapes? We'd love to see your ideas! Email a rendering or sketch..."

Earlier this year we had a leak of a Google Glass with prescription lenses by Brian Matiash, a community manager for Google, who had posted (and then quickly removed) a pair of photos (check out the one at the beginning of this article) which showed the Google Glass hardware with a clunky pair of specs. As evidenced by the questionnaire, Rochester Opticals would definitely be providing us with more options for Glass. What needs to be seen, however, is how they will achieve this - prescription Google Glass in the mail? Would you be going in for Glass when it launches? Do let us know in the comments below.

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