Google Glass Companion App for iOS 7 Appears on App Store Briefly Before Being Taken Down


While we can't imagine there are too many people who can afford both Google Glass and an iPhone, at least a few of them have to exist. Google knows this, so earlier today it launched an iOS 7 companion app for Google Glass – dubbed My Glass – on Apple's App Store. If reading that sentence got you excited, we've got some sour news for you: the app was taken down just as quickly as it was put up, for reasons that weren't immediately clear. However, before you start calling foul on Apple for taking down the competition, it seems the real reason wasn't malicious at all. In fact, it looks like Apple had nothing to do with it.

According to the folks over at Android Central, who managed to get their hands on the app before it was taken down, the rather unexciting reason the app disappeared was because it's incompatible with the current Google Glass firmware. Apparently the app was designed to work with Google Glass firmware XE12, but everyone's tech specs are still on XE11. Therefore, the app and Google Glass are incompatible at the moment, so there isn't much of a reason to have it up on the App Store until this issue is fixed.


When it does eventually work, it'll be a handy app for any Google Glass owner to have. It's similar to the Google Glass Android companion app, in that it lets users configure their devices and manage their contacts or installed apps. It essentially has all the functionality of the Android version of My Glass, the only real difference being the platform instead of features.

For now though, we wait. It probably won't be much longer until Google Glass is updated to firmware XE12, and when it is, you can bet My Glass will be up on the Apple App Store shortly afterward. Just recently we heard that early adopters of Google Glass would be getting a free upgrade to a new hardware version, so between that news and the brief appearance of this app, it's an exciting time to be an Explorer. We'll keep you posted on any new details about the iOS version of My Glass, so keep it here at Android Headlines.

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