Google Awards Their 'Players Choice' App Awards – You Might Be Surprised Who Won!


This year, Google is starting something new. Their own yearly app awards. Which we are also doing right now. We're also doing our first ever AH Awards for tablets, phones, Chromebooks, Smartwatches, Games and Apps. Which we are unveiling one award every day throughout the rest of the year. Last week, Google unveiled their favorite apps of 2013, and now they've announced the winners of several categories. There's categories like "most addictive game", "best franchise game", "best game based on a movie", "best app for enhancing everyday and many more.

Some of the winners you probably know, but many of them you may not know. There are a few there that I hadn't heard of before. You can see them all down below along with links to them on the Play Store so you can check them our if you want. I was actually surprised to see the Best Google App as YouTube. I probably would have picked Google+ or even Google Search. Lets face it, Google Now is amazing. Then again, YouTube is probably used by more people that aren't tech geeks like us. Even though we also use it a ton.


I Can't Quit You â€" Most Addictive Game: Knights & Dragons (GREE, INC.)
Old School, Still Cool â€" Best Franchise Game: Bejeweled Blitz (Electronic Arts)
Lights, Camera, Games â€" Best Game Based on a Movie: The Hobbit: Kingdoms (Kabam)
Quietly Brilliant â€" Best App for Enhancing the Everyday: Duolingo: Learn Languages Free
At Your Service â€" Best App for Booking and Buying: Flixster
I <3 Google â€" Best Google App: YouTube
Write-In Game – Ingress
Write-In Game – Samurai Siege
Write-In App – NewsHog: Google News & Weather
Write-In App – SwiftKey Keyboard

What are some of your favorite games and apps of the year? You can view Google's full collection over on Google Play and see what other great apps you may be missing out on this year. Let us know in the comments which apps and games you think should have won these awards.