Could the Galaxy S5's Body Be Built By the Same Company Who Make the iPad's Body?

samsung galaxy s5 cadre 011


We’ve been hearing a lot about the Galaxy S5 already and 2013 isn’t even done yet but, that’s to be expected as we’re pretty sure that Samsung is already far along with the design and ultimately the production stages at this point. After all, you don’t just release a smartphone after a couple of months’ worth of preparation, these things take time. One of things that we keep on hearing about is that Samsung is looking to “fix” their build quality in their next flagship device. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with plastic, it’s durable, and it can be easily replaced but, nobody can deny that Samsung’s devices have been somewhat lacking in quality feel, no matter how good the overall package is.

We’ve seen what could be internal parts of the Galaxy S5 before – as pictured above – but, now we’re hearing that the Galaxy S5’s body might in fact be made by the same people that are responsible for the iPad’s metal casing. Japanese publication, EMSOnes is reporting that Catcher Technologies – the company behind the iPad’s casing – is about to ship casings to Samsung this month.

How credible this rumor is sort of like asking whether a politician is really telling you the truth but, we have been hearing a lot about the upcoming Galaxy S5 and a “premium” build to combat Apple, HTC and their critics. The problem with this little tidbit is that keeping up with iPad demands is probably difficult enough for Catcher Technologies, add-in the crazy amounts of smartphones that Samsung ship every year and that’s instantly double, maybe triple the workload. The HTC One suffered component shortages and while Samsung obviously has more power and presence in the industry, there’s only so much factories can produce these days.

No matter what though, the Galaxy S5 is coming and 2014 could well be another brilliant year for Samsung and after keeping the design language much the same for the Galaxy S4, a change of style is definitely on the cards.