February Brings All New And More Specific Game Categories To The Play Store

December 10, 2013 - Written By Justin Diaz

One thing that has been particularly frustrating when it comes to Android has been the Play Store setup. More specifically the section for games. If you look in the games section now either on your device or in the web version the categories are fairly minimal and more broad. It can be quite difficult to find whatever it is that you’re looking for, especially if you’re looking for certain type of game. As it currently stands, the Play Store holds eight total categories in which to search for games. Astoundingly, lumped in with the six “actual” categories are widgets and live wallpapers.

For anyone who plays games on their Android device it isn’t exactly easy to find the game(s) you’re looking for and more times than not you have to rely on scrolling through the “TOP” sections to find what you want. Thankfully Google knows that the games section for the Play Store isn’t very organized and is well over due for a face lift, which is why they’re looking to change that this coming February. The categories we have now will be narrowed down a little more to make things much more fluid when doing game searches. The current categories are as follows: Arcade and Action, Brain and Puzzle, Casual, Cards and Casino, Racing, and Sport Games. That’s a pretty broad set up.

Once February rolls around, when you hop into the Play Store to look for a game you’ll be greeted with categories for Action, Adventure, Arcade, Music Based Games, Role Playing(FINALLY!!!), Simulation, Strategy, Puzzle, Card, Casino, Casual, Board, Family, Trivia, Word, Racing, and Sports. As you can see the categories will get a lot more specific so finding the type of games that you like and are interested in playing, and they won’t be so much of a pain in the neck to use anymore. More than likely, we still see some games show up in sections we probably don’t feel they belong in but it won’t be nearly as bad as it is now.

As Android gaming continues to become more and more popular, Google’s drive to accommodate gamers gets a huge boost. Someone at Google must be a gamer, or perhaps someone finally understands that there’s a need for a better setup but has yet to have it fulfilled. Hopefully this isn’t the last focus on gaming we see come from Google in the near future.