Featured: Top 10 Best Drink Mixing Apps


Most people enjoy an alcoholic beverage every now and then and everybody enjoys drinking – that includes the non-alcoholic drinkers as well. This list of the 10 Best Drink Mixing Apps, includes all kinds of drinks from no-relationship to alcohol, to virgin imitations of real alcoholic drinks, to coffee to chocolate, and finally real, alcoholic cocktails. Generally these apps will allow you to search for drinks by several categories, enter the types of liquor you have on hand, and will even create a shopping list. These apps can be used by you if you are drinking at home or hosting a party, but they are a lot of fun – from personal experience – to use at the bar to pick out and try a new drink…most bartenders will work with you and enjoy the challenge of making a new creation.

Any one of these apps are a good addition to your app collection on your smartphone, and a lot of fun at a bar as you and your friends try new drinks with interesting names. The higher ranked ones generally have nicer interfaces or more options than the others, but all will serve you well.



10. SOS Cocktail – Drink Recipes

SOS Cocktail Collage

SOS Cocktail offers hundreds of recipes, along with colorful pictures of how your drink should look.  The UI is elegantly designed and offers various menu items.  You can search for drinks using different categories, such as Beer and Ale, Classics, Non-Alcoholic, Hot Drinks, Shots, etc.  You can shake your phone to find a "Random Cocktail" when you just cannot make up your mind what alcoholic beverage your want to consume.  You can share your own recipes for drinks with others, or create a shopping list of ingredients.



9. Swizzler

Swizzle Collage

Swizzle Drinks Recipe app can help anybody – amateur to professional mixologist.  There are over 16, 250 recipes in this single app, including many non-alcoholic recipes for "virgin" smoothies to coffee drinks.  This does not have the most intuitive UI, but once you figure it out, you will have access to many drink recipes, store your inventory in your "liquor" cabinet, and create a shopping list as your inventory is used.



8. My Bartender

Mr. Bartender Collage

Mr. Bartender contains over 8,000 recipes of cocktails and mixed drinks including many visual drinks – these include fundamentals of the drink world to ones submitted by world-class bartenders or mixologists.  You can shake your phone for a random drink to appear…just in case you are at the bar and not sure what to order.  You can browse drink recipes dating back to the 1900's to those from a "community of booze enthusiasts."  You can add your own drinks and upload them to Facebook and Twitter.



7. Cocktail Flow

Cocktail Flow Collage

Cocktail Flow is a visual pleasure to use, has step-by-step instruction guides, but the number of drinks is rather limited at this time.  The developers promise that more ingredients and more drinks will be added with continuous updates that will expand the existing cocktail packages.  There are also many non-alcoholic recipes as well as drinks for all holiday occasions, such as New Years, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, etc.  Perhaps after the recipes are expanded, this app will find its way higher up on our list.



6. Christmas Drink Recipes

Christmas Drink Recipes Collage

Christmas Drink Recipes is another up and coming app – and we had to include a holiday drinking guide to help lift those spirits.  The UI is beautifully done and adds help for someone preparing to host a Christmas party, as well as the drinkers at the party.  It helps make it easy with step-by-step instructions, making preparations a snap.  Remember, many of these drinks can be used all year-long, not just at Christmas.



5. Coffeemania

Coffemania Collage

Coffeemania is a true drink-mixing app, just one that is dedicated to coffee drinks – this is for all of our coffee lovers out there – including Tom and myself.  This app has over 250 coffee recipes (including alcoholic) on how to make and prepare coffee, how to choose coffee beans, the proper way to serve coffee, and how to properly store coffee so that it will keep fresh.



4. Drink Advisor

Drink Advisor Collage

Drink Advisor appears to be a star on the rise because of the added twist of rating bars and clubs throughout the world and the use of social media input from Facebook and Twitter – invite your friends to meet you at a particular hotspot.  It also boosts a huge catalog of cocktail and drink recipes for that perfect night in as well.


3. My Cocktail Bar Drink Recipes

My Cocktail Bar Collage

My Cocktail Bar Drink Recipes is another highly rated drink recipe app. If you have some alcohol, some mixers, and fruits, on hand and are wondering what you can make, My Cocktail Bar will show you a list of all the drinks available with your ingredients.  You can also choose your favorite cocktails and browse by ingredients.


2. 8,500+ Drink Recipes Free

8500+ Drink Recipes Collage

8,500+ Drink Recipes Free is a beautifully colored app with a nice UI, and it is FREE!  It has over 13,700 downloads and over 2,750 Google+s.  What is nice about this app is that it includes categories, such as Homemade Liquor, Milk/Float/Shake, and even Soft Drink/Soda!


1. Mixologist

Mixologist Collage

The Mixologist app has it all – you can browse recipes by All, Category, Ingredient, Favorites that you have saved, or Custom drinks you designed yourself. When you select to search by Category, you can even choose from a huge selection of Non-Alcoholic drinks. Detailed recipes tell you exactly what to do all the way down to how to garnish the drink. Not sure what you can make with your current liquor on hand – simply check off what you have in your cabinet and possible drinks you can make are displayed. Need liquor, no problem, use the Find Liquor option and Google Maps will even show and guide you to the closest liquor stores in your area.

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