Featured: Top 10 Best Android Tipping Apps

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Okay, you are at a restaurant having a great meal with a new date and you want to impress them on just what a smooth dude she is dating…everything is perfect so far, and your waiter is doing a terrific job – you finish your meal, have your dessert and coffee, and finally you are presented with the check. This could be the first awkward moment as you try to figure out what to tip your server. You don’t want your date to think you are cheap, but then you never expected her to order the lobster, and payday is still a week away…what do you do?

And what about at the office party, when there are thirteen of you and you need to divide the bill and the tip amongst everybody – this is where you pull out your trusty smartphone and open up your Tipping App and let it do all of the work for you. We picked out ten that are pretty good and ranked them for you – some are used my the masses, others are newer, some simply more refined.

10. Tipper – Tip Calc

Tipper - Tip Calc

Simple, easy to use, and gets the job done, and even adds a little color in the app.  It does the job, no more, no less, and with no ads and requires no special permissions on your device.


9. QTip Tip Calculator

QTip Tip Calculator

This is another no frills app that simply gets the job done.  You enter the total of the bill, select a percent, and it calculates your tip amount and gives you a new total.  As an added bonus, you can also use it as a percentage calculator as well.


8. Tip Calculator by TradeFields

Tip Calculator By TradeFields

This app easily does the job, adds a little more color on the screens, and the choice of many patrons.  The keyboard is nice and big and allows you to divide the bill among your friends.  There are the usual ads, but they offer a Pro Version for $2.00 that is ad-free.


7. Tip Me (Tip Calculator)

Tip Me (Tip Calculator)

Okay, now we are getting into some nice graphics, and it is ad-free and requires no permissions.  It has many features, but is simple and intuitive, and you can even shake the device to reset it for a fresh calculation.  You can split the bill between your guests and still separately adjust each individual’s amount.  Rounding options are included (up/down/auto) and you can do pre and post-tax.


6. Tip Calculator

Tip Calculator 2

Okay, not as many patrons use this app, but we had to pick it because of its graphics and ease of use.  You tap on figures of people to choose the number to divide the bill among, and on the number of stars to select how well your server took care of your table.  You can shake the device to clear it and start over, as well as turn the sound on/off.


5. Tip Calculator- AD FREE

Tip Calculator - AD FREE

This app has a nice large keypad, very easy to use, and gets a 4.6 out of 5 rating.  Though not as “pretty” as some of the other apps, it supports tax calculations, quickly and easily splits the bill, automatically rounds the bill, and is ad-free.


4. Simple Tip Calculator

Simple Tip Calculator

Again, this is one of those apps that has not been downloaded by many, but has a 4.6 rating.  It has large buttons and is easy to use without a lot of bells and whistles – like it says in the description: “Tested and approved by old people.  If they can use it so can you!”


3. Tippy Tipper (Tip Calculator)

Tippy Tipper (Tip Calculator

Many think this is the best tip calculator out there.  It has nice graphics (albeit black and gray) and a landscape mode that makes the keys huge.  Many preset options, yet is easy to use.  It also includes a sliding bar or three configurable buttons to choose the tip percent and you can exclude the tax rate for tip calculation.


2. Close The Bill Tip Calculator

Close the Bill Tip Calculator

This is one powerful app with beautiful graphics.  You can choose to “Split Equally” or “Each One Pays For What They Consume,” and then you move on to amounts, percentage of tip, etc.  It even has an option that includes “Expenses Shared By All,” so that appetizer gets evenly divided while the individual’s meal is added separately.  This app has not been rated by as many people, but that doesn’t make it bad, just unknown!


1. Tip N Split Tip Calculator

Tip N Split Tip Calc

This app has it all – minimal screens, some color, lots of options, and easy to use.  With almost 14,500 reviews (4.7 rating) and over 8,400 G+, this is one tip calculator making many users happy.  As the name suggests, you can calculate the tip and split the bill, and round up or down on any value and it instantly adjusts the “payable per person” amount.

Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-LargeLet us know in the comments or on Google+ if you use a Tip App and if so, which one.