Featured: Top 10 Best Android Taxi Apps

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With New Year’s Eve fast approaching, we thought it would be appropriate to give you a list of taxi apps, just in case you party just a little too much…nothing wrong with ringing in the New Year with a few drinks, but we certainly do not want to see you behind the wheel. We LOVE our readers and, quite frankly, need everyone that we can keep, so if your group does not have a designated driver, or your designated driver decided to drink, please do yourself and the other drivers a favor and grab a taxi home – many bars will even pay your way home!

Theses apps generally only work in larger cities, but more and more of them are enlarging their outreach to include smaller cities and towns. What surprised me even more is the fact that MOST taxi apps support use in countries other than the U.S. One app will find your location via GPS and then gives you a listing of Cab services to call – not as sophisticated as some, but a great way to grab a cab wherever you are located.


10. Taxi Caller

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Taxi Caller is a very simple app to locate a taxi company near your location, and allows you to make a phone call and request the cab.  You are able to track your cab in real-time.  No fancy billing, just pay your driver after you are taken to your destination.  GRAB IT HERE from the Google Play Store.


9. Tap Your Taxi

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Tap Your Taxi is unique in that you speak directly to the nearest taxi driver or hail them through an automated service.  If you use the automated service, you will be able to track your cab as they approach your location.  They are not directly affiliated with any cab companies.  GRAB IT HERE from the Google Play Store.


8. Click A Taxi (is now Drivr)

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Click A Taxi changed their name to Drivr where you can book a taxi or chauffeured car, with an automatic payment, and much more.  This app covers 50 countries, 5,000 cities, and includes 300,000 taxicabs.  It has received multiple app of the year awards, and you can book your cab without any phone calls.  If you want them to add your local city, just give them some feedback on Twitter @clickataxi.  You can add driver’s comments and receive live notifications.  GRAB IT HERE from the Google Play Store.


7. Taxi Select

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Taxi Select is completely free for the taxi commuter and gives you freedom of choice as to which taxi company you want to use for your ride and how you book your cab.  The app works worldwide, 24/7, with no borders and no restrictions.  Make sure you leave feedback for other potential customers.  The app will list only trusted taxi companies and does offer support to their customers.  GRAB IT HERE from the Google Play Store.


6. Taxi Magic

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Taxi Magic is “the world’s #1 taxi booking app,” according to their Play Store description.  The app appears very easy to use, straight forward, and nice looking graphics. It does have over 2,700 reviews and over 2,000 Google+s, with a lower than usual rating of 3.9, however those were written before its December 21 update.  What is nice about Taxi Magic is how many cities and countries that it covers…over 60 cities in the U.S. alone – and more being added, but also works in the U.K., Canada, and Mexico.  GRAB IT HERE from the Google Play Store.


5. cab4me taxi finder

cab4me taxi finder Collage

cab4me taxi finder is a good all-around app for finding a taxi no matter where you are located, even in my little town of 3,000, it will list multiple cab companies for me to call.  It sports a brand new interface with better graphics for larger screens. It is not as fancy as some that let you see a picture of your driver, or plot their route to where you are – it is like a giant yellow pages for local taxis, and a real-time saver.  GRAB IT HERE from the Google Play Store.


4. Easy Taxi – Taxi via Mobile

Easy Taxi Collage

Easy Taxi – Taxi via Mobile is very much the “usual” summoning of your taxi from your smartphone, but with this app you pay the driver, rather than with your credit card.  It also is only for when you are traveling in foreign lands, such as Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chile, South Korea, etc., where safely getting a cab can be the utmost importance when you need to get around a strange country.  All cab drivers are registered and you can see their name and even a picture of them on your smartphone.  GRAB IT HERE from the Google Play Store.


3. mytaxi – The Taxi App

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mytaxi – The Taxi App was just recently redesigned and you can order a taxi with two taps, track your driver in real-time, and pay your trips cashless via the app.  Its main limit is the lack of availability – only 40+ cities, such as only Washington, DC and Arlington, VA in the U.S. and many overseas cities.  You give your driver additional instructions and even call them directly.  It has been reviewed by almost 7,600 users and has almost 5,100 Google+s.  GRAB IT HERE from the Google Play Store.


2. Hailo

Hailo Group

Hailo is the “world’s highest-rated taxi app,” and is available for New York, Chicago, Boston, Washington, DC, Toronto, and Montreal.  This would be our number one app except for the fact that it is limited to a few cities.  With a tap on your smartphone, Hailo will summon a licensed cab to your home, office, restaurant, or wherever you are located.  You can watch it arrive in real-time, paid with your credit card, and your receipt is instantly emailed to you.  With 10, 500 reviews that average 4.8 out of 5.0, you know people are loving this app and Hailo service. GRAB IT HERE from the Google Play Store.


1. Gett – Taxi & Black Cab Service

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Gett – Taxi & Black Car Service is Google Play’s “Editors’ Choice,” as well as the choice of the many users that reviewed the app.  It was also winner of TimeOut magazine’s “best app of the year” and Forbes called it “one of 15 explosively growing companies in 2013.”  It is available in 24 cities, including New York, London, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and all across Israel.  No phone call is necessary – 2 taps and your cab is on its way, and you can get immediate service or pre-book for a later time.  Track where your cab is located by real-time mapping and estimated time of arrival.  Price quotes let you know in advance, what your ride will cost you and pay it from your app using your credit card.  GRAB IT HERE from the Google Play Store.

Let us know on our Google+ Page if you use a taxi app and which one you like the most and why…we would love to hear from you.