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Description: Warships Online is a game for Android that aims to recreate the feeling of sailing the seven seas while battling against other ships for survival and of course, treasure. As an online game, Warships Online is a genuine online game that pits real players against real players and features tactics and the need to calculate your every move. There 20 historical ships on offer, with varying classes and abilities with 5 vs 5 ship battles ready to test your resolve. With the ability to take on three contracts a day or quickly enter battle with real players, there's more than enough on offer to keep MMO players very happy, indeed.

How it Works: All you need to do to get started with Warships Online, is to download the app from the Play Store and then you can set sail! When you first start playing, the game will give you a tutorial on how to play the game, and generally what's expect when playing, a nice touch for those completely new to the game.



The tutorial tells you pretty much everything you need to know when in a battle situation. Meanwhile, the menu system is a real breath of fresh air.



Contracts are daily challenges for you, there are three given each day but, more of these are coming.


You can simply hit battle to start playing with other online players. Which is a nice place to start if you're just beginning to play the game. Online battles pit players against players, so there's no predicting what the other ships are going to do.



Diving a little deeper into the menu, and there are plenty of options MMO fans will really love, such as the ability to purchase items of different varieties in the store. Just like any good MMO should, Warships Online offers real-time chat with your fellow players. Including a forum, chat and voice chat which all let you coordinate with your allies to rule the seas. There's also a ranking system that's refreshed daily to figure out where you are in the world rankings.



Opinion: When playing Warships Online, all I could think about is how much fun the overall gameplay really is. Certainly, the 3D graphics aren't the best but, they're good enough and there aren't any complicated menus to drag your way through. The gameplay allows you to effectively steer your ship and fire in real time, making the overall appeal far more exciting. Unlike other MMO type games, you can play straight away with Warships Online and even if you're not too interested in playing online with others, the game is fun enough to turn you into an MMO aficionado.


  • Speed (4/5) – Not only does Warships Online run quickly on most hardware but, the overall pace of gameplay is fast and fluid.
  • Features (5/5) – With a lot of warships available to sail with, there's enough on offer for those interested in pirates or just looking for something different.
  • Theme (4/5) – The 3D graphics on offer here aren't anything too special but, to say that everything is in real time they're more than good enough.
  • Overall (4/5) – There's more than enough in Warships Online for those looking for a casual game as well as those looking for something to break the MMO mold.


  • 20 warships available to play with, with real time battles.
  • Ability to quickly join a battle with other online players right away.
  • No ads included in this free game, with the ability to play for nothing for a long time.
  • Decent 3D graphics that puts other MMO games to shame.


  • Could do with more of an emphasis on levelling and such.
  • In-app purchases could be considered too expensive for some.

Conclusion: Warships Online is a great game, even without the MMO elements, it's just a very fun game to play. With a whole bunch of warships from throughout history to play with, there's a lot on offer. The core gameplay is a nice breath of fresh air that really does capture the essence of taking things steady on the seas. Playing with real online players brings a new level of pressure and unpredictablity when fighting among other players and you'll soon found out after playing a little bit that it takes more than just throwing cannon balls around the ocean. For fans of tactics, MMO games and decent 3D titles, Warships Online is a great option for Android.


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