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Description: Helium Rush is a game for Android that relies on physics and patience in order to defeat Zombies. Throughout the game, Zombies are hiding in shelters, which you have to destroy using items dropped by popping balloons at just the right time and right position on the map. it sounds pretty easy but, unlike a similar game, Angry Birds, you need to have a steady hand and patience. Not to mention a keen eye for destruction, too. Zombies are the enemy here and you need to drop a myriad of different objects onto differing structures in order to get to their soft and mushy heads in order to kick them out of the balloon's world.

How it Works: You'll have to install the game from the Play Store but, that doesn't take long and once you have, you're ready to play.


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New players might want to take a look at the tutorial, in which it clearly explains just how to take on these pesky Zombies.

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It's pretty easy when you first start playing but, the more and more you play, the more difficult and complex the levels will become. Often pairing stronger structures with less items to destroy them.


Of course, the longer you stick at it, the cooler the items you get drop become:



At the end of each level, you're awarded a star rating out of three, giving you incentive to replay the levels again.

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There are fifty levels to choose from too, so there's plenty to play through in Helium Rush: Zombie Attacks.

Opinion: First and foremost, this is a whole lot of fun to play through and while it does hold similarities to Angry Birds, the game does play very differently. Unlike Rovio's hit game, Helium Rush forces the player to be a lot more patient, there's no simple tapping of buttons or throwing of birds here. Instead, you need to choose your time wisely to get maximum damage from whatever it is you've dropped onto the structure. This is still a very accessible gameplay system and younger players as well as casual gamers should have no trouble getting used to the way the game plays at all. It's a whole lot of fun from start to finish and there's a lot of levels on offer to keep you attended.


  • Speed (4/5) – The game runs great and the pacing of Helium Rush is a nice breath of fresh air compared to similar titles.
  • Features (4/5) – With a lot of levels on offer and a slower pace of gameplay, Helium Rush has a lot to play gamers of all ages and skill.
  • Theme (4/5) – The graphics are good here, with charming animated backdrops and everything is pleasing on the eye.
  • Overall (4/5) – A solid offering, Helium Rush: Zombies Attack is one of those games that takes a little getting used to but quickly becomes one of your favorites after that.


  • Lots of levels to choose from right out of the box.
  • Level design only gets more and more chaotic the longer you play for.
  • Easy for both older, younger and casual gamers to pick-up and play.
  • Charming graphics makes Helium Rush a pleasant game to look at.


  • Zombies themselves could be a little more animated.
  • Bigger variation in backdrop design would be nice.

Conclusion: All-in-all, there's very little to complain about when it comes to Helium Rush: Zombies Attack, certainly it's no work of art but, it's a fun game nonetheless. One that tries something a little bit different and still manages to present it in a pleasing package that will make people smile. It doesn't matter how old you are with Helium Rush either, pretty much anyone can play the game and there's something to be said of the charming animations that are on offer throughout the game. Players in the US can also earn you mPOINTS, which allow you to redeem them for gift cards or even cash! If you're looking for a game with a slightly slower pace but, isn't another strategy game then this is a great compromise and there's little reason why you shouldn't just give it a go.



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