Sponsored App Review: KM New Plasticine City


Description: KM New Plasticine City is a charming live wallpaper for Android smartphones and tablets that really makes your device stand out and feel a little homely. Essentially, the wallpaper is made up of a lovingly crafted cityscape that's sculpted out of plasticine. All of the things you'd expect to see in a city are lovingly recreated, such as Hotels, Cafes and even the underground train system that runs underneath today's cities. It's an interactive wallpaper as well, with the ability to turn off or on the lights around the city and more. Cars, taxis and lorries all bustle past as well, giving your homescreen a living feel. You can take a look at the trailer below for a quick look.

How it Works: Once you've downloaded the app from the Play Store, all you need to is apply it as your wallpaper like you would any live wallpaper. Once you've done that you can see it bring your homescreen to life:



Don't forget that it works great on tablets, too!



Those of you with a Nexus 7 will be glad to know it works fine there as well:


When you set the wallpaper, you're given the choice to change a handful of settings:



You can change different things like which cars drive past, for instance.



When you change these settings, your city might act differently to others, and don't forget that you can turn on lights in the Hotel rooms or make the cars beep their horns by touching elements of the wallpaper.


Opinion: For the most part, live wallpapers can be little more than small distractions but, KM New Plasticine City is much more than that. For one thing, the interaction is great for younger users, like kids with small 7-inch tablets and for those that want a warmer feel on their cold electronics, this is great as well. Being able to touch the cars and lights to see something happen on screen is a nice touch and again, will appeal to younger users more than anything else. All-in-all, I like the wallpaper and while I might not use it constantly, it's a nice breath of fresh air on my Nexus 7.



  • Speed (3.5/5) – KM New Plasticine City runs quickly but, if you're using a low-end or older device, then you might find it slowing things down. On most devices though, this won't be a problem at all.
  • Features (5/5) – For a live wallpaper, there's so much on offer here. Interaction is great and kids will love it, and overall it delivers a nice living feel to your homescreen.
  • Theme (5/5) – The look and feel on offer here great and everything looks like it was crafted lovingly by hand and animated like an old kids' TV show, it's really good-looking.
  • Overall (5/5) – Despite the fact that it might slow down your phone a little bit – depending on your make and model – Plasticine City is a great live wallpaper and will really appeal to younger users, as well as those that can still appreciate charming themes like this.


  • This is an interactive wallpaper, so touching cars or windows will change sounds and the look.
  • Lots of settings to tweak to your heart's content.
  • High production value for a live wallpaper, you can tell that has had a lot of time spent on it.
  • The charming theme works really, really well.


  • Might slow down older or lower-end devices but, you can tone things down in the settings.
  • Adults might take to the theme as much as younger audiences.

Conclusion: KM New Plasticine City is a brilliant live wallpaper for Android smartphones and tablets; it doesn't matter what type of device you're running it on, it looks great on everything. Admittedly, lower-end hardware might struggle a little but, there are lots of settings that can be easily tweaked to rectify this. The theme of the wallpaper is brilliant, it delivers a living city to your smartphone or tablet and it's even interactive. Tapping on cars to hear them beep or turning on and off the lights in the Hotels is a lot of fun and we're sure little ones will really enjoy that side of things. Overall, it's a great live wallpaper for Android and those looking for something different should definitely try this out.