Sponsored App Review: Be-Bound


Description: Essentially, Be-Bound is the Android app to save you from the horror of losing Internet connection on your smartphone. Certainly, such a thing might not be the end of the world but, we're living busy lives these days and staying online is essential to a lot of us and most of the info we get on a daily basis is done through the web. So, without a data connection that smartphone of yours is suddenly not so smart. Be-Bound users cloud servers to compress and send the data to your smartphone over the aging 2G cell network and can even help you out when you have no data at all. The app is made up of "Be-Apps", like E-Mail, Weather, Local Services and more. These apps allow you to do much of what you would with a simple Google search but without the need of 3G or WiFi. Be-Bound can also drastically reduce roaming costs when you're traveling, which is great for finding your way around this new city or region you've visited. Take a look at the trailer below to get a better feel for the app.



How it Works: Before you do anything else, you'll have to install the app from the Play Store, from there you have a registration process to go through (which will send you text messages, as outlined by the Play Store permissions).

2013-11-28 07.25.43

Once you've finished the setup, you'll be greeted with a menu of the Be-Apps installed:


2013-11-28 10.25.05

Each of these apps does pretty much what you think it does but, they all work offline so to speak. So, if you've only got 2G data you can easily get a similar experience as when you're using 3G networks. You can easily check the weather using the Be-Weather app:

2013-11-28 07.28.16


The Be-Find app is great for finding a gas station or public transport near you:

2013-11-28 07.29.08

So, if you want to find a bus station, it does so via GPS:


2013-11-28 07.29.22

The currency app is perhaps the most useful for travelers, as it allows you to easily figure out how much something is, relative to your earning, when you're traveling.

2013-11-28 07.30.11


There are a whole raft of Be-Apps on offer, and new ones are incoming, like the News app.


Be-Miles are needed to get online without 3G or WiFi, but these are inexpensive and they're well worth it if you don't want to pay those crazy roaming charges or be offline for too long.


2013-11-28 10.48.41

Opinion: As Android Headlines' resident Brit, you'd think that I'd have no problem getting online, right? Well I don't as long as there's WiFi nearby but in my village I get 3G in one place and it's nowhere near my house, which leaves me with 2G if the power goes or the Internet to the house goes out. With Be-Bound I can easily send my colleagues an e-mail letting them know what's up and so on. Also, if I'm travelling, and I need an ATM or a place to get some coffee and I find myself with just 2G I can use Be-Bound to get access to that information. Be-Apps are great and even more of them are coming soon, you can do most of what you do on a daily basis with Be-Bound, without the need for 3G, WiFi or extortionate roaming charges while abroad.


  • Speed (4/5) – The Be-Bound app works quickly and you don't need 3G or even any data connection at all to use this. Getting any data over 2G is not ideal but, with Be-Bound it's workable.
  • Features (5/5) – No matter how developed a nation you're living in, 3G and 4G data coverage doesn't even come close to 20% worldwide. Thankfully, Be-Bound can help you out, save you from being completely cut off and cut those roaming charges into tiny pieces.
  • Theme (4/5) – With a simple UI that's bright and colorful, the tiles of Be-Bound work well and it feels like an overall hub for all of your online needs – even if you're not online.
  • Overall (4/5) – For those that need to get an e-mail out, find a gas station or whatever when they find themselves without a data connection, Be-Bound is the app to help.


  • Be-Miles – your passport to getting online with Be-Bound – are inexpensive and cost very little at all, making it even easier than ever to get online abroad.
  • UI is both colorful and easy to use, creating an app that anybody can use without frustration.
  • More Be-Apps are being added often, with key features like local places, weather and e-mail already included.
  • With Be-Bound, you barely need a data connection at all to still access things online that are now like second nature to us.


  • Those on low-cost plans with few SMS messages might find Be-Bound using lots of their allowance up.
  • Junk mail filter would be great but, over GPRS or Edge, this would be difficult. However, a blacklist/whitelist feature will soon be available.

Conclusion: Be-Bound is an app that certainly won't be of use to everyone. After all, if you have great 3G and 4G coverage near you then there's little need for such an app. However, if you live in an area with very poor 3G coverage with 2G or Edge coverage at best, then you'll enjoy Be-Bound. A lot of users had been complaining about Be-Miles and that the app is not free but, the app is free when used over 3G/4G/WiFi etc and even then it's very useful. Be-Miles aren't expensive at all and if you really need to get online no matter what, then there's no reason not to try out the app and see how it can help you. As with most Android apps, if you know what you're doing you won't have any problems getting online with Be-Bound – no matter where you are.